Colony Organizer iPhone and Apple Watch Docking Station from Quell & Co

Colony Organizer Apple Watch and iPhone Docking Station

Over the years, I have become so fond of Apple products that my kitbag seems to recognize only iDevices like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch. Whether I’m working on the computer or relaxing on the couch, I love using them. Thanks to a dock, the hands-free experience becomes more convenient.

The one thing that I don’t like much is buying a dock for each one of my iDevice. It is because organizing them tends to become a little complicated. That’s why the unified solution has always fulfilled my need with much better result. (You would like to have a look at the best iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Docking Stations.)

Colony Organizer Apple Watch and iPhone Docking Station

While buying a charging dock, there are three biggest qualities that I don’t fail to check—Design, durability comfort. When I got “Colony Organizer” for a test drive last week, during my use it struck a positive chord. Within a few days, it replaced all other docks; due mainly to its handy functionality.

Quell & Co Colony Organizer Dock for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Solid Construction and Neat Design

Colony Organizer iPhone 7 Docking Station

The dock has been readied with the high-quality walnut or maple wood. The solid construction is the hallmark of its durability.

The docking station sports a neat design. Being lightweight, you can comfortably carry it anywhere.

Its long-lasting wooden structure has impressed me a lot. It can easily survive the wear and tear without any issue.

Micro-suction Pads

Quell & Co iPhone and Apple Watch Dock

Colony Organizer features micro-suction pads on the base, which provide more stability. As a result, it is perfectly placed on the surface.

Simply place the dock on a table or desk or any surface, it will remain intact while holding your devices.

Exceptionally User-friendly

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Docking Station by Quell & Co

The dock is very easy to use. It securely holds up to four iDevices and two charging cables.

Since the docking station requires less maintenance, you won’t have to worry much about it. Besides, the top grade material helps it remain at its very best for long. As a user, you would really appreciate this quality.

Primed to Work with Several Devices

Multiple iDevice Docking Station

The charging dock has been designed to work with some devices like Apple Watch, iPhone 5 and later, iPad Air/Mini/Pro and 12-inch MacBook. If you have more than one iDevices, this dock can be a perfect station for not just charging them comfortably but also keeping them organized.

As someone who has quite a few Apple devices, I find this dock exceptionally useful. It makes my task of powering them all a bit easier.

The Bottom Line

Colony Organizer charging dock is the perfect solution you would want to power up your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch with more convenience. The ability to display and charge multiple devices at one go makes it worth the shot you would want.

As against various other docking stations, it is more competent, convenient and offers the desired solution to enhance the hands-free experience and charge multiple devices with utmost ease. Better still, its price doesn’t seem to be too high either.

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