So everyone’s talking about how awesome Auxo is but you haven’t yet made up your mind to shell out a few dollars for the Cydia tweak?

Well, don’t worry. You aren’t missing out on much. Auxo is definitely amazing but if you’re not looking for the several performance enhancements that the tweak brings, it’s only the visual appeal that can actually cause the lust.

One of the coolest things about Auxo is the way it shows the multi-task switching bar. You don’t just see the icons but the whole screen: precisely the way Mac shows you screens of running applications.

It’s actually cool to be able to see app screens instead of just the routine icons. Well, a simple browse through the most popular Cydia tweaks reveals that there’s a cool little tweak that lets you get to that point pretty easily.Weespaces Cydia TweakWeeSpaces is a neatly packed Cydia tweak which:

  • Puts the multi-task switching bar on your notification center
  • Uses the App screen previews instead of just the icons
  • Also shows your home screens for easier access
  • And works seamlessly

I am not sure how much of a battery drain this app can cause but in our tests, there has been no visible difference in the battery usage. It’s a cool tweak, alright.

Here’s how to get multitasking to your iPhone Notification Center:

1). First, install the tweak.

  • Open Cydia
  • Search for WeeSpaces
  • It’s a free tweak from BigBoss repo. Install it (See below video tutorial on how to install Cydia packages).

2). Configure it

By default, WeeSpaces doesn’t show up on the Notification Center. We’ll need to enable it.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Notification Center
  • Tap on Edit
  • Now, shift WeeSpaces from ‘Not In Notification Center’ to ‘In Notification Center’
  • Position it beneath the Weather app so it’s easier to access.

3). Use It

  • Swipe down the Notification Center
  • You’ll see that the WeeSpaces tweak shows all open apps and if you swipe right-to-left, your homescreens are also shown for quick access.

Below video is showing the same process to get multitasking bar on your iOS device:

It’s a cool plugin that can be very useful. Of course, not as fancy as you’d expect but still, something is better than nothing. And having a task-switcher on NC is something nice.

  • Rohit Rajan

    Wow!! def a competitor in terms of multitasking!!! thanks!!