Ryan Petrich has this knack of developing tweaks that are simple but powerful. Some of his tweaks are pure works of genius: Activator, BrowserChooser etc. The list is actually quite long.

Right out of the blue, I see that there’s one more tweak up his kitty – PushPrivacy. This Cydia tweak takes a feature specific to Message notifications on the lockscreen and applies it to all apps that produce lockscreen notifications.

If you value privacy and don’t want message previews in the notification popups on lockscreen, you’ll most likely turn them off.

PushPrivacy Cydia Tweak

For Messages, turning them off is easy:

  • Go to Settings Notifications Messages
  • Turn off Show Preview

However, you’ll notice that this particular preview setting is not available for other apps – notably, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber or any of the other communication apps where privacy is of utmost concern. So how do you turn message previews off for these apps?

That’s where Ryan’s new tweak comes along. PushPrivacy puts a new Setting that lets you control what apps have the ability to show previews on the lockscreen notifications.

To control the settings, all you do is:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on PushPrivacy
  • Tap on Private on Lock Screen
  • Turn ON the toggle for apps that you want the message previews hidden on lockscreen

No resprings, no reboots. Changes take place immediately. After you’re done, any notification from that particular app will be shown on the lockscreen but in the preview area, you get ‘New Message’.

Ryan has a clear sense of app design so the apps are categorize. System apps are on top and the apps you installed are on the bottom just as the Settings display of apps. This helps in quickly finding the app for which you want to turn off message previews.

The tweak is not yet on any public repo. But you can grab it from Ryan’s private repo.

To install the tweak:

  • Open Cydia
  • Tap on Manage tab
  • Go to Sources
  • Tap on the Edit button on top
  • Then, tap on Add and enter http://rpetri.ch/repo. Tap on Add Source to add the new source.
  • Let Cydia refresh.
  • Now, tap on Search
  • Enter ‘PushPrivacy’ and hit search.
  • Tap on PushPrivacy from the search results. Tap on Install to install the tweak to your iPhone.

PushPrivacy tweak is free.