A long time back when we were covering news reader apps for the iPad, Pulse loomed into view. The app has been updated since then, and the new Pulse is nothing like the old one except one feature: news from amazing sources.

Of late, we've been reviewing news aggregator apps for the iPhone and the iPad. Most recently, we were talking about News360. We've also been using Pulse – the updated one – which presents a wonderful experience and a really cool way to follow topics of your interest.

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Pulse iPhone and iPad AppPulse iPhone and iPad App

Pulse News App for iPhone & iPad

Pulse is important right now because as you all know Google Reader is going to be shut down. We're just days away, and while Feedly offers a seamless integration/import, Pulse does better because it's basically a news aggregator first and then an RSS feed grabber.

The Best Features of Pulse:

#1. Offline Reading: Pulse grabs your favorite content and stores it up as offline data so that you can read most of the news under your favorite topics without an internet connection. Only a handful of news aggregators provide this functionality and even where it is being provided, it's not as perfect as it is in Pulse.

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#2. Tons of sources: the curated content on Pulse is quite awesome, but the best thing is you can add your own. While in other apps, the sources you add can get demarcated oddly, in Pulse you can merge these with the other sources that you discover on Pulse.

#3. Social Networks: Pulse tries its best to make sure you don't have to leave the app to access your social network stories. With Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube integrated into the app; you might find yourself accessing social stories right from within Pulse instead of going to the respective app.

#4. Sync: One Pulse account, all devices. This is a “must-have” feature.

#5. New publishers added each week. There's a growing collection of publishers out here.

#6. Better saving and sharing of stories you find on Pulse: not only is there good social integration but you can also share the stories you read on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

The new Pulse also includes LinkedIn Influencers and Channels, but since we're not on LinkedIn as much as a few others, we don't know how important or useful this feature is. For LinkedIn users, though, I think this will be a great feature.

The best thing about Pulse, besides all the above, is that it's free, and there are no ads to ruin the experience.

Price: Free
Download Pulse

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