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Puls iPhone Repair Service Review

We’ve all been through this scenario before. You thought your iPhone case was durable, sturdy and fully capable of safeguarding the screen from shattering. Then, in the blink of an eye, the unthinkable occurs – you accidentally drop your phone, shattering your screen and thus ruining your day.

You’re unable to use your phone, making things immensely difficult for work, entertainment, or communicating with your loved ones – until you get your device fixed. What are your available options to quickly fix your phone?

For many of us, there’s really only two feasible options. You can either make an appointment with the Apple Store or head to a local repair shop or mall kiosk. Both of these choices, in reality, are far from ideal.

Let’s look logistically at option one – going to the Apple Store. While this can be a great option, it can also be incredibly time-consuming. It can also be quite costly if you don’t have AppleCare+. An out of warranty iPhone 7, for example, would cost you $149 plus tax.

If you do make an appointment at the Genius Bar, odds are you’ll be spending a big chunk of your day attempting a repair. Between the traffic, parking and long lines, your trip to Apple could easily cost you 3-4 hours.

If you (like most people) have a busy, jam-packed daily schedule, spending several hours of our precious time commuting to and from the store and waiting around is a luxury we really don’t have. Not to mention, if you need a battery replacement, many Apple Stores don’t have enough batteries at the ready, meaning you could end up waiting several weeks.

Option two is also a gamble. Going to a local shop or kiosk is not much better. Maybe there’s something close by, in your neighborhood, but they don’t seem reliable, experienced, or reputable. Plus, you could still end up waiting several hours (or even days) for an iPhone screen repair. Long story short – it’s not great.

Wouldn’t it be a bit more convenient if you could get your devices fixed fast, without having to alter your entire day’s routine? Yeah, that would really be a much better option. Meet “Puls“—the on-demand iPhone repair site—that takes away all the stress from you!

Plus iPhone Repair Site Review: On-demand iPhone repair

Puls On-demand iPhone Repair Service

Puls, a San Francisco-based startup, brings iPhone repair to you quickly and easily. Puls technicians can meet you anywhere, anytime, bringing you experienced professionals in a convenient, at-your-door experience. You’ll never again have to wait in long lines, deal with traffic, or suffer from the stress of the store to get your iPhone fixed.

How does it work?

The repair scheduling process is incredibly quick and easy. Puls technicians will meet you virtually anywhere – your home, your office, the gym; wherever fits your schedule. They’re open every day, 8 am – 9 pm, including weekends and holidays. Not only do they fix broken screens, but they can also repair tons of other issues, such as malfunctioning buttons, broken headphone jacks, battery replacement and more.

To book a repair online, you simply head to the Puls.com, select your specific device model and color (i.e. iPhone 7, rose gold).

Puls iPhone Repair Service on Demand

You’ll then input your zip code, tell them your issue (i.e. broken screen), select a time slot (same-day options are available) and provide your contact information.

Book Puls iPhone Repair Service

After that, you’re all set – Puls technicians will meet you at your desired location, within up to an hour.

Fix all of your devices: iPhones, iPads & more

Regarding specific devices, Puls can repair all iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 devices. They also provide iPhone X screen repair (is available only in New York City and Los Angeles for now.) Prices are reasonable (typically ranging from $69-109 plus local tax for a screen repair), and they include the lifetime guarantee of the repair if you’re dissatisfied with things after your service.

Puls iPhone Repair Kit

In addition to iPhone repairs, they also service iPads, Motorola Moto X4 phones and they’re Google certified to service all Google Pixel devices. They also offer on-demand TV mounting and smart home installation services, helping you get all of your digital needs met without ever leaving the house.

iPhone Repair Home Service by Puls

Puls provides you with simple, convenient iPhone repair whenever you need it, so you can get your device up and running – without having to even get off of your couch. Gone are the days of commuting to and from the store, waiting around, and changing your whole day’s schedule just to fix your iPhone.

Book a phone repair appointment with Puls online for convenient, dependable service that comes to you when you need it most – anytime, anywhere.

What’s your take on this iPhone repair site? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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