Prynt iPhone 6/6s Case: Print Photos from Your iPhone Instantly

Why just click pictures and store them on your iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6/6s, when you can print them right from your hands. Prynt case for iPhone 6/6s will get the printing job done for you.

Apple iPhone has the best-in-class camera and that compels us to click as many pictures as we can. Out of millions of pictures we click, hardly any of them are physically printed and stored permanently as our memory for future generation.

What’s the use of clicking pictures if we can’t hold them for a lifetime? As soon as we change our cell or our hard disk crashes; we lose everything. Then we have no other option to weep and regret. Traditional concept of photo printing is vanishing slowly, and that is scary. In this busy life, we hardly have time to visit a studio and get our pictures printed.

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Prynt iPhone 6-6s Case

Prynt Case for iPhone 6/6s

So, what’s the solution? Answer is the Prynt case that can instantly print your favorite picture right from your palm. All you will need to do is to tap a button. We have given below a complete review on the case for better perspective.


Prynt iPhone Case Design

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Prynt case currently supports iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. It is compact enough to carry around in your hands anywhere you like. The bottom part of the case has a solid grip, which makes your holding the case very firm. There’s a built-in lightning connector, so you’ll not need any external cables to handle.

Power and battery

Prynt case has its own independent battery, so you’ll not need to worry about your iPhone battery draining out. You can charge this case with any micro USB cable.


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Prynt case app is equally smart as the case; it has all the glitters you need to customize your photo. You can add frames, filters, stickers, and text on the image and then send them to print. There’s no need to have an independent app just to edit the image in the way you want.

Print technology

Print Photos Directly from iPhone with Prynt Case

Prynt case does not use traditional ink technology that exhausts with few prints. Instead, it uses a ZINK technology that smartly prints your pictures. Printed photos are vibrant, long-lasting, tear and smudge resistant. Apart from that, if you run out ZINK, you can easily order a refill through Prynt app.

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Paper Hatch

Paper Hatch is right behind your iPhone and it can hold up to 10 paper sheets. Everything in this case is smartly organized. In case you are running out of sheets, you can easily order 50 sheets at $25.00 from Prynt website.


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