If Apple decided to have a widget for things like adding an event, noting something down, sending a message, toggling alarms, starting a timer and more, this is probably how it would be. ProWidgets brings quick widgets for iOS 7, a feature that’s obviously a missing-feature across all iOS devices.

Apple has been very removed from the world of widgets on iOS. They have consciously avoided placing any kind of a widget on the homescreen, springboard, notification center or elsewhere. But that limitation is blown out by ProWidgets, a refreshingly new Cydia tweak that has all the hallmarks of a highly-functional tweak.

ProWidgets Cydia Tweak

The tweak is developed by Alan Yip and for those of you who don’t know him, this is one amazing tweak developer who developed tweaks like Tap to Widgets, StatusHUD, BrowseInApp – all revolutionary tweaks that are focused on function and designed brilliantly.

ProWidgets is designed and developed with core functionality in mind. The tweak brings a lot of quick-action widgets for these apps:

  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Mail
  • Browser
  • Dictionary
  • Alarm
  • Timer

ProWidgets for iOS 7

With ProWidgets installed, you can quickly add an event to your Calendar, take down a note, find definitions of words, compose a message or mail, manage and add alarms and much more. We’re missing out on things like viewing calendar events, reminders or notes that you have saved already.

Each action can be bound to an Activator action. The classic functionality of a widget lies in the ability to get things done from anywhere on your iPhone. ProWidgets is designed to let you activate a widget from anywhere.

ProWidgets Jailbreak Tweak-for-iOS-7

ProWidgets’s preference panel lets you configure a lot of things, including the activator actions that trigger every available widget. But that is not all. You can actually theme the widgets with the built-in theme (and more from the community). The community-driven features are not restricted to themes. They extend to the core of the tweak: the widgets themselves. Widgets for Spotify and Wi-Fi Picker are already developed. Check out ProWidgets’s subreddit for more.

On the iPad, you can have multiple widgets running simultaneously. You can drag them around. I think this is the best widget-based tweak ever for iOS 7.

ProWidgets is up on the BigBoss repo and can be purchased for $2.99. Worth it.