Most of you probably know about iProtect but for those that aren’t yet familiar with it, it’s an awesome security Cydia tweak to protect your iPhone data. We’re not talking about thefts (although even that can be covered) but we’re talking about those loose ends.

Think about this: last week, one of my friends left his iPhone on the table and when he came back later, some apps went missing. Turns out his nephew was playing with the iPhone for a while and then probably decided to tinker with it too.

Things like these can happen easily. You let your iPhone into the hands of a friend who just likes to play around a little and within moments, your screen is all hunky-dory and so much unfamiliar to you.

iProtect tries to make sure nothing of that sort happens. At its core, it prevents app deletions, alerts when SIM-cards are removed, can disable moving of SpringBoard icons. The most coolest thing about this tweak is its simplicity. Unlike many other password-locking, protector apps that I’ve used, I found that iProtect is the simplest and the most leanest ever.

iProtect Security Cydia Tweak

What You’ll need:

Head over to Cydia and search for ‘iProtect’
It comes with a 10-day trial period after which you have to purchase the full product.
The commercial package is $8.99, a little too pricey for a Cydia tweak.

How to Protect Apps:
This is where you get to know how simple it is.
Traditionally, on the iPhone, if you were to protect apps, you are going to enable Restrictions and even then, you can only restrict a few apps. You can of course prevent app deletes and installation but what if you want a password popup every time you tap on an app to open it?

In iProtect, this becomes a cake walk. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open iProtect

Step 2: Switch on ‘Enabled’

Step 3: Tap on ‘Locking Applications’

iProtect Locking Applications

Step 4: Choose the applications you want to protect. If you want all of them protected, simply tap on ‘Lock All Applications’
Tap ‘Save’

Try opening any app and you will be prompted for the iProtect passcode. Simple but elegant.

How to Disable Springboard Actions (Deleting apps, Moving apps)
One of the most important things that iProtect can do is prevent someone from deleting your apps accidentally.

Step 1: Launch iProtect

Step 2: Toggle the ‘Disable App Deletion’ switch ON and you’re done.

iProtect Disable Springboard Actions

Now, when you tap and hold on icons to delete them, you’ll see the ‘x’ ribbon but you won’t be able to trigger any action when you press them. Pretty simple way to prevent app deletions, huh?

How to Improve SIM Security
This is where iProtect becomes quite interesting. SIM-card protection is an important thing but since not everyone loses their iPhones, they don’t bother about it. When your iPhone is stolen, the thief usually discards the SIM card as soon as possible. You can trigger various reactions whenever the SIM card is removed/changed.

iProtect Improve SIM Security

iProtect SIM Card Lock

  • Enable SIM Card Lock: Turning this ON will lock all the apps (Photos, Camera, Social apps… everything)
  • Send Silent SMS: When someone changes the SIM card, iProtect will instantly send the number of the new SIM to a preconfigured number (which can be set in the SMS Receiver field). Every time someone changes the card, an SMS will automatically be fired to the receiver.

Yes. It’s quite pricey for a tweak. The cost seems pricey because iProtect makes things look so simple and easy. Without an app like iProtect, you won’t be able to give a fool-proof security to the apps. Especially when you are talking about apps like Photos or Mail where personal data might be enormous, you’ve got to think of a system which protects them from any surface-level access.

But for a want of any other app which does as much in as simple a way, iProtect sure rocks.

  • Khalil Phillips

    How do disable this app, its stuck on iprotect and i cannot take it off my screen. Plus i cannot use my phone

    • If you can access Cydia, you can remove the app. If not, backup on
      iTunes and restore the device as new. Then, restore from backup.

  • disqus_xvKKh2ZJjW

    I am receiving the silent sms on my phone even though I don’t have this app and my sim is in my possession. How can I make these texts stop??

  • Sreesanth S

    Hey after the new evasion jb. Iprotect isn’t working properly. It’s lock the app like message and mail. But whenever a new mail or message comes, it opens from the lock screen or the notification bar by simply sliding it. It doesn’t ask for the password. Lemme know if there is a solution for this.