Pros of Using Mac OS X in App Development

Why should you develop app using Mac OS X? Here are the pros of Mac OS X in terms of app development. Security, flexibility, and reliability are some of the benefits you get. Let check complete details.

The key to great app development lies in having a solid foundation, ideally laid in having a good operating system to begin with on which your app will stand on and initiate all its operations. For a long time Windows was the dominating operating system of the nineties.

However with the ever changing technological sphere, Windows Vista essentially became a wreck and couldn’t keep up with modern technology. This saw the introduction of Windows 7, a spectacular system loaded with a few under-the-hood upgrades, but the basics are still wanting.

Benefits of Using Mac for App Development

Why Should You Use Mac OS X in App Development: A Few Reasons

A reason for this system’s stagnation in progress is the brand’s fear in offending its corporate clients; therefore every tech change has to be introduced painfully slowly so as to be assimilated by its clients.

Apple on the other hand, has slowly crept up and overtaken Windows and other operating systems primarily because they are not afraid of taking giant leaps. Their “it’s our way or the high way” approach to their operating system has enabled them to make significant improvements in their software, which other operating systems are almost incapable of attaining.

Below we shall review some of the advantages of using MAC OS X, and why it should be one of your top choices for your mobile apps development.

Great Security

MAC OS X software is essentially a two layered system. Its impressive GUI sits on top of a UNIX core, and UNIX is notorious for its impressive security features. UNIX makes it’s nearly impossible to install a Trojan or a virus to the system unless the user gives it root access to the system by essentially typing in the admin password onto the system.

The beauty of MAC OS X built in firewall is that it operates out the box, while at the same time being highly flexible. While MAC users should ideally remain vigilant about foreign files and consequentially never allow them into the system by giving them an admin pass, they then do not need special software to block out these viruses.

User Friendly

Apple is well known for hiring top notch interface and industrial designers from around the world. This is evident from the spectacular nature of its GUI. While a few might scoff that looks aren’t everything, the MAC OS interface is not something to be undervalued. The design of all Apple products from the Macbooks, Mac Pros, iPhones and iPads is superb.

Cupertino employs premium materials, and this is eminent throughout the range. Suffice it to say when you are spending eight plus hours looking at the same screen, it’s a relief somewhat to spend all that time looking at a beautifully designed screen.

It’s not all about the looks however, MAC OS has taken the tech world a notch higher by introducing retina displays and replacing the outdated spinning disks with the more favourable and configurable PCIe based flash storage. Other operating systems have tried and failed to scale up their screen resolution making it difficult to make maximum use of all their apps.

Great Interface

MAC OS interface is simple, you can pin as many apps as possible to dock at the bottom of your screen, plus they are always available to you. Besides this you can run multiple desktops, make use of your iCloud chain to decipher you credit cards information, share various files wirelessly through Airdrop, and still monitor the operating system via a set of in-built high grade utility tools.

The system also has a rapid start-up resume time. All this is essentially made possible by MAC OS powerful stability. Even though a systemic degradation is expected over time, as is the case with just about every operating system, the rate is significantly reduced on MAC products and freezing and crashing are not a common everyday occurrence as is the case with a few operating systems.

MAC’s impressive reliability can be primarily attributed to the fact that the operating system was built from the ground up. Apple essentially controls production of its software and hardware products from start to finish, and so every part of the system is designed and tested out to work cohesively together.

Integration with Apple Products and Others is Great

Those who complain that Apple forces its consumers to use its proprietary software couldn’t be more misguided. MAC OS automatically recognizes and works well with other Apple products including iPads, iPhones etc.

And in addition to this, the system doesn’t require additional drivers in order to recognize other non-apple operating systems. Users aren’t forced to use a particular set of apps say iTunes or Safari, they can download other browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or even buy their movies and music from Amazon all at their own free will. It has built-in utility tools that are able to work well with other non-Apple products.

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