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While there is no dearth of highly skilled people, very few carry out their work with utmost dedication and honesty. Due to the lack of recognition and more significantly, appreciable feedback, the admirable work done with great commitment doesn’t always get the deserving reward. And that goes a long way in painting a bad picture of the overall performance.

Props Love – an iPhone and Android app – is aimed at helping dedicated professionals get the due credit for their exemplary work. Not just for professionals, the app can also be very helpful for businesses as well in recognizing the committed employees and getting real feedback about their performance. Let’s dive a little deep into the app to figure what’s more it has in store!

Props Love iPhone and Android App Review – Let the Committed Professionals Win Admiration for Their Commendable Performance

Build An Impressive Service Profile

Probably the biggest highlight of Props Love is the customer service profile. What makes it so helpful for employees is the ability to build an impressive resume with real feedback from customers.

The app lets you keep a track of the feedback that you receive from customers. While positive feedback motivates you to give your best, critical feedback helps you figure out the shortcomings that need to be eliminated. Thus, you can enhance your professional skill to become more productive and skilled.

Send Props to Those Who Have Performed Exceedingly Well

As I said above, the app is equally helpful for businesses. As an employer, you can send props to those who have done well in the workplace to motivate them.

The latest iteration of Props Love has added a new feature called Business Profiles to allow business owners and managers to promote their businesses. Besides, this feature also enables employers to give the much-needed limelight to those who have done excellent work.

On the customization front, the app has looked up to the mark to me. The ability to customize business profile icons, banner image and add links to social accounts is pretty neat. Moreover, premium profiles also get the option to choose a “Favorite Prop” to promote their profile and their team members.

A Good Mix of Social Networking 

Another feature worth mentioning is the incorporation of social networking which kind of brings some fun elements into the mix. You can request for pros to find out how much you have improved and what are the areas that still need enhancements.

Moreover, you will be able to read notes from all those people who have appreciated your work. Those appreciable feedbacks can play a vital role in keeping you motivated and also compel you to give your best.

Even though I’m not a fan of social networking, I like its implementation in this app. It not only enables professionals to get the desired appreciation for the great work but also the much-required exposure.

Cash In On Big Rewards

While I never give my best for getting rewards, I have always loved having them. They kind of motivate me to stay focused and continue to deliver appreciable performance. So, I’m glad that Props Love offers a way to earn rewards.

The more props points you have, the more cool gift cards you will have. They will go a long way in making your profile receive the needed recognition.

Price and Availability

While Props Love is available for free, you will need to shell out a few bucks if you want to customize your business profile icon, banner image and add links to social accounts. Considering how user-friendly the app can be for both your employees and employers, it’s worth spending a few bucks.

As for compatibility, Props Love is available for both iOS and Android. So, you can install this app not just on your iPhone and iPad but also on Android devices.

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The Verdict: A Great Asset For Both Professionals and Businesses

Let me put it across straight away! I have found “Props Love” quite helpful. Designed to enable committed professionals get the deserving appreciation for their commendable performance, the app can be a great asset for both employees and businesses. With a nice mix of social-networking and reward system, it has the potential to go big.

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