If iPhone users are going to be productive with some nifty keypad tips, why not the iPad user?

You probably know that the iPad’s keypad can be split into two by just placing your fingers right in the middle of the keypad and pulling them apart. But that’s not all you can do.

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In fact, the iPad’s keypad is far more powerful and smarter than you think.

For veteran iPad users, this might not be news but for new users, I’m sure you’ll find these tips helpful. Ready?

iPad Typing Tips Tricks

1. Adding more Currency Signs: By default, if you’re on the US keyboard layout, you’re going to see the dollar and the pound. But did you know that you can actually get more currency symbols out of these? Oh yes. Here’s how:

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  • Tap and hold on the pound symbol (or dollar, if your keyboard layout is different) right after you tap on the 123 key.
  • You’ll see a new layer of keys and you can choose whatever currency you want from here. There’s the Yen, the cent and the Euro besides the dollar and the pound sterling.

2. Special Accents: Just as how it works on the iPhone, you can type accented alphabets like the umlaut by tapping and holding on the corresponding key. When you tap and hold on a key, a new layer of keys comes up. Without raising your finger off the screen, slide over to the key that you need to be typed and voila! An accented character gets typed!

3. A Different Layout: While most of us are comfortable with the usual QWERTY keypad, some of you might be more familiar with the QWERTZ or the AZERTY keypads. Sure, the number of people using this layout is very low but they exist. So for all you folks, iPad brings you those two layouts too. To change it:

  • Go to Settings → General → Keyboard
  • And change the layout from here.

4. Ellipsis: If you’re looking for an ellipsis key but instead, only typing the period thrice, you’re actually missing a hidden iPad keyboard feature. Tap and hold on the period key and there you’ll find the ellipsis. This comes in handy many times when you are at a loss for words or when you want to signal that you’re still typing.

5. Inverted Exclamation/Question Mark: Spanish speakers obviously need these inverted exclamation and question marks but just in case you too need them, they’re tucked right inside the normal exclamation and question mark keys. Tap and hold on the keys and you’ll find the inverted exclamation and question mark keys.

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6. Create Your Own Shortcuts: Interestingly, you can actually be more productive when you identify what you type most. Using custom shortcuts, you can be faster at typing routinely typed words/phrases. For instance, you can set emoji shortcuts so when you’re conversing, you don’t have to consistently shift to the emoji keypad. Instead, typing, say =), will type a laughing emoji character and you can be done with it instantly!

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