Priority Matrix Project Management iPhone App

Priority Matrix Project Management iPhone App is an iPhone app to manage projects either individually or with your team members.
Priority Matrix iPhone App

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a project manager in a multinational corporation, we all need to prioritize our workflow. Not every project or assignment is equally important, and we often lost some of our time with less important work.

Also, managing team dedicated to different projects become tedious as you attempt to keep everything on track. This is when progress tracking, delegation, and prioritization need to be automated to allow you to manage more effectively.

Project Management App For iPhone

The Priority Matrix app for iPhone works like a charm for this. It’s a real-time workflow management system in which you and your team members can coordinate to achieve maximum effectiveness while working on projects and initiatives.

Design and user interface

Priority Matrix Project Management App for iPhone and iPad

When you have a heap of projects to manage, you need something that is easy to operate and also convenient to manage.

Priority Matrix provides a simple yet effective design and user interface. It won’t take more than 10 minutes of your time to get thoroughly acquainted with the app. Each and every menu and feature can easily be understood without any fuss.

The main screen isn’t packed with complicated buttons; instead, everything is perfectly designed, so that even a first-time user can have his hands on the app like a pro.

Adding tasks and projects

After you have launched the app, just press the “+” button at the bottom of the screen to add projects and its details. If you’re working on a project with your team, you can easily add team members to the project. They’ll be notified instantly as the app works in real time.

Once a project is created, creating and distributing tasks is a breeze. Due to Priority Matrix’s intuitive four-quadrant layout, you can easily deem tasks “high priority,” and you’ll know your team members will get the message.

Managing projects

Priority Matrix Project Management iPhone App

Managing projects is as easy as creating them. You have the option to keep any project as private or collaborate with your team players.

Also, you can also select which team member can view the project as not every team members belong to every project. This streamlines work distribution and keeps everyone focused on the right things.

Finally, Priority Matrix provides the visual overview of the progress on any particular project and allows you transparency into exactly who is working on what. Gantt charts are also available to help you define and understand project timelines.

Filtering projects

Priority Matrix has a superb filtering feature, which lets you view the tasks that each team member is responsible for. Also, you can filter task status, due date, and more.

Perhaps the best feature is that you can receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports to get the deeper insight into each project’s status.

Strong integration with different tools

The most impressive part of the Priority Matrix is that it can flawlessly integrate with the various apps so that you can keep track of things more easily.

You can integrate with Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, and many other emailing apps. If you wish to integrate with calendars, Priority Matrix supports iCal, iOS reminders, Outlook Calendar, and Google Calendar.

Lastly, Priority Matrix also integrates with Google Docs, Evernote, and Siri. This is surely an added advantage to manage projects efficiently without needing to perform any tedious tasks.

Syncing facility

Priority Matrix iPhone and iPad App Sync

As noted earlier, all project and task details sync real-time, so you’ll never need to double-check with your subordinates to make sure information is current.


The app is free for iPhone, iPad, and Android, but requires a subscription for Mac or Windows desktop. See more on pricing.

On a closing note, the app is of great help for people who have managed various projects and responsibilities. Priority Matrix helps to streamline your workload when it comes to managing projects and delegating them to your team.

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