This is what impresses me about jailbreak every single time. Forget the mind-bending design-tweaks that change the look of your lockscreen. Priority Hub changes the way notifications on the lockscreen are organized making it so much more productive, manageable and easy.

Priority Hub takes its inspiration from BlackBerry 10 directly. The implementation on iOS 7 is near-perfect and the most important thing that will change for you is the way you handle notifications. Once you start using Priority Hub, you'll probably never want to go back.

Priority Hub Cydia Tweak

Priority Hub, developed by Thomas Finch, segregates the notifications as per the app that pushes the notifications to the lockscreen. This tweak is a must-have for anyone who gets a lot of notifications from different apps. For me, the notifications come from Twitter, Whatsapp, Messages and occasionally Telegram. The moment more than two apps have notifications on the lockscreen – and that's like many times in a day – I have a congested-looking lockscreen. I hate that.

To me, Priority Hub is the best solution so far. Like it's shown below, it segregates the notifications into the respective app. Under the app icon, there is a number showing how many notifications are for that particular app. You can enable or disable this.

BB 10-Inspired, Cleaner iOS 7 Lockscreen Notifs Using Priority Hub

Tapping on the icon shows the notifications from that app only. Other notifications are hidden. If you tap on another icon, the notifications from that app are shown. Tap on the icon again and the notifications are all hidden with just the icon and the numbers shown.

To clear all the notifications at once (for a particular app), tap on the app icon to show the notification(s) and then pull down the notifications. A ‘X' icon shows up, which when filled, will clear the notification completely.

How the iOS 7 Lockscreen Notifs Should Have Been Priority Hub Cydia tweak

The thing that amazes me is that Priority Hub is a tweak that's worth at least $0.99 or more. But you'll be able to grab it for free (and, if you wish, donate to the developer) on Cydia.

The only settings to configure, at the moment, are Show Numbers toggle (which shows or hides the numbers beneath the app icon) and the Icon Location (top or bottom).

Priority Hub is a free on BigBoss repo.

  • Alejandro

    Does anyone know any other tweak that organizes notifications on your lockscreen like Priority Hub? I’ve had it for a long time but now it’s making my phone crash!