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PrimoPhoto is the best photo management tool that works between your iPhone and Mac/Windows PC. Check out the amazing features of PrimoPhoto.

For click-happy users, who want to create countless memorable moments on their iPhone, any device will not be able to store your photos and videos. Even the storage space of 256GB in iPhone 7 would be exhausted after some time. So what is the solution?

As a quick reply, anybody would think that connecting the iOS device to Windows PC or Mac and transferring all data is quite handy. Though this is easy, it is only one way of transferring data. What if you want to take something from your PC or Mac to your iOS device? You are clueless here.

Primophoto Review

PrimoPhoto iPhone Photo Management Solution

Thankfully, there is one photo management tool that offers great help to users, who want to pile up photos and videos on their iPhone and iPad.

PrimoPhoto simplifies your iPhone photo management. I particularly like its easy installation and interface. Once you buy this (free download is also available with some limitations), its interface itself tells you what to do next. Just connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac or Windows PC and start exploring the tool.

The moment you connect your iPhone to your computer, PrimoPhoto quickly identifies your device and establish a connection. A dialog box will appear in the middle of your computer’s screen, and you can operate the tool.

One-Click Photo Management

Sounds a way exaggerating? But it is true. You can easily transfer your photos and videos with a single click. Even I was not convinced first, but when I moved five videos to my Mac, I was surprised…I didn’t have any other emotion to express but to raise my eyebrows at quick transfer. Keep your iOS device connected to Mac/PC, select photos/videos you want to export to Mac/PC and then hit that big Export button in blue. It’s PDQ.

Export Photos & Videos

Primophoto iPhone Photo Management Solution

While transferring photos and videos, choose the folders: Camera Roll, Albums, and Photo Library from the top. Also, select the destination where you want to save your photos/videos. Next to that Export button, you can see a drop-down menu. Click on the menu and select the destination before you click the Export button.

Removing any additional video and photo is easier as you can delete the data from your Mac/Windows PC. You can select multiple images or select all images if you want to empty your iPhone’s Photos app. While you are on PrimoPhoto Pro, check that square box next to Delete icon from the top left corner and then click the Delete icon. The tool will ask your confirmation; if you hit the Yes button, all the selected images will be deleted from your iPhone.

Import Photos

Like exporting photos and videos, you can import the same from your Mac/Windows PC. Without PrimoPhoto, you cannot do this just by connecting iOS device to the computer. To import your photos to iPhone/iPad, click on Import to Device option from the left navigation on PrimoPhoto. Now click on the “+” seen in the middle (you can also click on “add your photo” option below). A source window will open from where you can choose images to import to your iOS device. Before you hit the Import button, you can select the destination where you want to save photos on an iOS device. Also, note that you can create a New Album on your iOS device from PrimoPhoto itself. Finally, click the Import button.

Turn Live Photos and other videos to Shareable GIFs

Convert Photos and Videos to GIF Using PrimoPhoto

Like exporting and importing photos, you can also convert your Live Photos into GIF. Apart from playing with this fun, Optimize Storage of your iPhone or iPad by removing Filter Photo Caches, Photos in Trash, and Orphaned Photo Junks.

So this is PrimoPhoto – your personal photo management tool. Make the most of this software and manage all your photos and videos effectively.

Price: Free [You can upgrade to pro version later.]
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