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As we've covered before, iOS 8 brings some very interesting changes to Messaging. One of the major introductions is the audio and video capability: you can now send audio and video messages instantly through the Messages app.

Audio and video in messages can take up a lot of space, though. So Apple designed iOS 8 in a way that prevents this data pile-up. Media messages (audio, video) will auto-delete (expire) in 2 minutes. But what if you don't want that to happen?

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How to Prevent Audio Video Messages from Getting Auto-Deleted in iOS 8 on iDevice

Fortunately, iOS 8 comes with a setting that lets you configure this. You can prevent audio and video messages from expiring in 2 minutes.

Here's How to Prevent Audio/Videos in Messages from Getting Deleted Automatically on iPhone and iPad (no expiration):

The Temporary method:

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
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  • After you send an audio / video messages, tap on Keep under the message bubble. This will permanently save the audio message.

How to Prevent Audio and Video Messages from Expiry  Auto-delete on iPhone and iPad in iOS 8

The Permanent method

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap on Messages.
  • Under the label Audio Messages, tap Expire. Two options will be displayed here: a) After 2 minutes, b) Never

Prevent Audio Video Messages from Getting Deleted Automatically in iOS 8

  • Tap on Never
  • Similarly for Video messages, under the label Video Messages, tap Expire.
  • Tap on Never
  • Quit the Settings app
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You'll now notice that the instant audio and video messages that you send are not deleted. You should not be seeing an expiration notice under the audio/video bubble. That is an indication that your audio and video messages are safe.

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