Apparently, people prefer the online version of NYT or WSJ more than the print. Not that print media’s staring at the gaping horrors of extinction but electronic media has far outdone the print in the last few years. And so, naturally, millions of people get their daily dose of news from online newspapers.

Almost every major publication in the world has a dedicated iPhone/Android app of its own. So if you’re following The Times and then a local newspaper and then another newspaper like the Wall Street Journal, you’re probably looking at three different apps. Doesn’t sound good, right?

That’s exactly where an app like PressReader fits.

Put simply, PressReader brings traditional newspapers to your iPhone but after hours of playing around with it, that definition is severely limited and doesn’t speak of the powers of the app. PressReader is a one-stop solution for managing all your newspaper subscriptions. If you subscribe for a few online ePapers, you’re going to be so happy to use the PressReader app.

Pressreader iPhone App

Here’s what we found interesting:

  1. PressReader has a humongous collection of newspapers. I was not just stunned but shocked at the expanse. You can simply connect to any of the newspapers (enter your username and password) and pop! You’re in!
  2. The app reads a total of 2300+ publications from across 82 countries. And don’t forget: 39 languages too. If you’re in the US, there’s probably every chance that the paper that you subscribe to is supported. There are over 386 publications for US alone.
  3. Of course, even without choosing a publication, you can skim a lot of news from across the major publications. PressReader – while working fine as a newspaper account manager – also comes as a very decent news app. Well, that’s useful.

Even more than everything else, what PressReader achieves is that it gives you an overview of top stories from all your subscriptions. This is not a new way of looking at news but imagine this: you’ve got a bunch of news papers strewn around on the table and you’re able to read every important news item off every paper. That’s the power PressReader has.

PressReader’s simple interface means there’s no learning curve. Downloading papers is super-fast and setting up the whole thing takes no more than a few minutes. (if you subscribe to a lot of papers).

And the best part? PressReader is free. Absolutely.

Download PressReader