Presentics for iPad: Coolest, Media-focused Presentation App for iPad/iPad Mini

We have a fetish for iPad presentation apps, especially the minimal ones. That’s probably because presentations are one important area where the iPad is transformed into a production device rather than a device used for consuming content.

Today, we get to talk about an ultra minimal, multimedia-focused, aesthetic iPad presentation app called Presentics. By far, it’s one of the most minimal presentation app we’ve ever seen or used. Check out our review to find out what Presentics is all about.

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Media-Rich, Media-focused and Media-Everything

Most presentation apps for the iPad are designed to let you design slides with anything in it: text, mostly, graphics (that includes all types of media embeds), charts/graphs etc. Presentics is not designed for all that purpose. It stays lean and minimal by avoiding all that clutter.

You can include media of almost every type – including video embeds from various sources. The limitation we’re looking at is in the inability to add a lot of textual content or edit the styles. Instead, the focus is on media elements: images, videos, audio etc.

Presentics iPad App for Presentation

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It wouldn’t be wrong to call Presentics a heavily media-oriented presentation app but in an age where pictures and videos are more relevant and captivating, this option is pretty good.

An Easy Interface to Work With

With too many options and choice, not only does the process of creating a presentation become hard, the interface becomes cluttered too. Examples of this are quite a few (don’t want to name them). However, Presentics, thanks to its ultra-minimalist functionality, has an interface that’s pretty easy to work with.

Presentics iPad App Review

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In the Edit mode where you create and edit slides, you can title the slides and add relevant content [called as a resource] (in the form of media) very easily.

But presentations are not just about creating slides. It’s “presenting them” too. And that’s where Presentics  comes in with a somewhat unique proposition: you can move away from linear/sequential presenting and jump between slides with a “scrub.” Of course you can present the slides sequentially like you do with most other apps but you can also jump effortlessly between slides giving more room / freedom.

What’s More

Touch-oriented presentations which offers multi-touch support, zoom, point out details, focus on a particular image etc. are part of the features that Presentics offers.

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You can present your presentations via AirPlay too, right from the iPad, connected to any AirPlay compatible presentation device. And of course, there’s iCloud support.

Following Presentics blog gave us a glimpse of an excited and a really powerful team behind the app. The updates seem to be coming in fast and with some really cool features.

Presentics is free to use (two presentation limit) and costs $9.99 to unlock.

Price: Free ($9.99 Unlock)
Download Presentics

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.


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