It’s not often that a 12-year old develops an interesting tweak that catches our attention. Oh well, this is the jailbreak scene and it happens somewhat occasionally.

PowerSwipe is a fantastic Cydia tweak that puts more power to the iPhone’s camera grabber icon on the lockscreen. I don’t know about you but I’ve never really used that camera grabber icon a lot. In its place, if there was something more functional – something that I use a lot – it would be amazing.

Along came Grabber Enhancer but – no offense to the developer – I didn’t find that very useful. But PowerSwipe is awesome in a way. It puts those power options (boot, respring, power down) right in that little camera grabber icon so you get instant access to these.

PowerSwipe Cydia Tweak

Find yourself respringing your device very often? Using an activator gesture sounds like an easy option but that doesn’t really fit the need often. How about grabbing the icon and pushing it up and your device resprings?

Agreed, not a lot of people would particularly need this tweak but this tweak would be amazingly useful for testers and people who tweak their iPhones so much that you need to respring or reboot often.

The working of the tweak is simple:

Step 1: Open Cydia and update the packages

Step 2: Search for PowerSwipe (it’s in the BigBoss)

Step 3: Install and Respring the device

Step 4: Now, go to Settings and tap on PowerSwipe.

Step 5: Enable the tweak and enable only one option. You can’t enable more than one; the tweak won’t work that way.

Step 6: Once you’ve enabled, head back to Settings and exit the app from the task-switcher.

Step 7: Lock the screen and grab the camera icon up as you normally would. And watch the device respring, reboot or power down.

So there you go. Another nifty tweak like NCSettings which makes reboot or respring faster and easier.

PowerTweak Cydia Tweak is developed by @jayja1lbreak and is available for free on the BigBoss repo.

  • Jay b

    i am the maker of this tweak great review! Jay B