PowerMe Charging Cable – Smartphone into Power Source

When a hero is overshadowed by a character artist in any movie, it is not the length of role that matters; what is noticeable is the performance of the artist, who leaves a lasting impression on audiences.

Well, I am not talking about any Hollywood movie, but accessories that are hard to ignore. As happens in our movies, an accessory plays the role of a character artist, who sometimes, receives more claps. But this never diminishes the importance of a main lead. Because accessory exists only when there is a main product.

PowerMe Charging Cable

With proliferation of communication devices, battery supply has been a rising concern for all users. Our constant use of smartphones, tablets and phablets puts us in a fix, where power banks are almost inevitable. But every time you don’t carry your power bank with you. After all it is that hardware that occupies some space and adds some weight to your portfolio, folder or case that you carry along.

So what is the solution? Thankfully, there are innovators, who have devised some gears that can transfer energy from one source to another.

PowerMe Charging Cable: Transferring Battery Life from One Device to Another

PowerMe is one such gadget that turns any device into a power source with the help of its OTG technology. The gadget works on a simple principle: if one person is in dire need of blood, another person can transfer blood from his own body to that of needy. Similarly, if one smartphone or a tablet is in need of battery, another smartphone can transfer battery to the other. Apart from its energy transferring role, PowerMe boasts multiple functions that make it a necessary gadget for users.

PowerMe can charge any microUSB or lightning device by taking power from number of devices. It can also transfer data like photos & videos between devices. And if you are near your laptop/desktop computer or wall charger, you can use PowerMe as your own microUSB or lightning charging cable.


Primarily, PowerMe replaces your heavy power banks and helps remove that extra load from your bag. And therefore, it is made highly portable and compatible with microUSB and lightning connectors. Its portability becomes a cool factor for PowerMe as young users like to snap it around your trousers’ loop, your smartwatch or look weirder by attaching it with a leg of your glasses. Its two-in-one quality makes it more popular as you can use this gadget as a classic charging cable. While you are with your friends and need to charge your smartphone, just grab his phone and siphon the battery off your friend’s smartphone. The gadget removes the need of switching on Bluetooth, Xender or AirPlay if you wish to share photos, documents and music from one phone to another. Despite so many features, PowerMe is affordable to every smartphone owner.


PowerMe is compatible with almost all leading brands of smart devices; you can use it with your Android, Windows and Blackberry phones. Though it is compatible with Apple devices, PowerMe offers limited access like charging smartphone from another device, sharing content, and charging and syncing with a USB port. For other smartphones, the gadget can help share battery power between devices, charge smartphone from another device, share content, charge gadgets using your smartphone, and charge and sync with a USB port. Apart from smartphones, PowerMe is compatible with digital products like camera, headset and other standard devices; you can download photos from your digital camera to your smartphone or tablet, manage files on external storage and charge your digital camera, headset or any microUSB device with the help of this gadget.

Colours and Design

PowerMe Charging Cable Colors

Small is really beautiful. After looking at this gadget, you would love to own it as it is available in six vibrant colors viz. white, gray, green, blue, red and orange. Its compact design makes it moveable as you would like to take it everywhere. With its magnetic closure at both ends, you can easily snap it into a keychain that remains with you. Also appreciate the round shape of the gadget, which can be connected with any device even if the device is wrapped around with cases or covers.

All in all, this device can easily win many hearts with two main reasons: one, it saves you in time of emergency when your smartphone is running on low battery; two, it is affordable even though it has great qualities.

Read more on their IndieGogo campaign page.

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PowerMe Charging Cable

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PowerMe Charging Cable
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