Undercover is one of the best Mac apps that help in recovering stolen Macs and protecting your data. It does a far better job than Find My Mac and is in fact the coolest and the most powerful Mac recovery tool on the web.

Undercover 6 usually sells for $49 (a lifetime license) but readers of iGeeksBlog (through StackSocial) get a special, limited-period 50% discount. You can grab Undercover for just $29 right now.

Mac Recovery System for 29 Dollars

Find My Mac can do two things: track your Mac's location, lock out/wipe data on your Mac. But Find My Mac often doesn't work as advertised. In fact, in many cases it doesn't work at all.

Undercover 6, on the other hand, is totally the go-to-recovery-software. Once installed, Undercover auto-activates when your Mac gets away from your home/work network. The range of things that Undercover can do is just powerful and awesome. At its best, Undercover will track your Mac, find the thief, get the cops and recover your Mac in as little time as possible.

Undercover comes with a ton of features. These include:

  • Keylogging: you know what the theif types
  • Screen capture/activity: you see what the theif is doing with your Mac
  • iSight photo: you can tell your Mac to click a photo remotely. The face of the person using your Mac delivered to you in no time.
  • Location tracking: every eight minutes, Undercover's web app tells you where your stolen Mac is.
  • Theft report generation: the app also helps you create a theft report so you can quickly send them to the local police.

All of Undercover's features are complemented by its ability to help you quickly contact the cops and get them on the case.

And to top this all, there's Plan B: you can lock the thief out of your Mac and/or simulate a hardware failure (where the theif's only option is to take it to the service center.)

Bottom-line: if you really value your Mac, you should setup Undercover on it.

Undercover 6 usually costs $49. But for a limited time, the folks at Orbiclue have decided to slice 50% off it for all our readers. You can grab Undercover 6 for just $29. Hurry, offer ends in a short time.

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