What separates iOS devices from Android – besides a ton of design and usability stuff – is the lack of a file manager. Apple strongly detests file-management as such and wouldn’t (probably) ever bring that feature into the ecosystem of iOS.

But we’re wired to file management on our desktops and laptops that it does make life much simpler with file management on our iPhones and iPads. Thankfully, while Apple doesn’t have file management up on its arsenal of stock apps, it does let developers enable this feature at least on a tertiary level.

What this means is that you and I can upload, view, manage and control files from a variety of sources (that includes Dropbox-like cloud storage and remote desktops/laptops) right on our iPhones and iPads. iPad users especially need this ability if you’re dealing with a variety of files.

Best File Manager Apps for iPhone & iPad

Most recently, we stumbled on Doctape and this rekindled our thoughts about file management apps for iOS devices. Oh, we’re a huge fan of iFile too and we constantly keep going into it to edit some files out of the blue while testing and tweaking. File management does add a lot of power to the iPhone/iPad.

Here’s a list of four really good file manager apps for the iPhone/iPad. Check them out.

Documents By Readdle

Documents by Readdle iPhone App LogoManage files, view photos in the album, view documents (pdf, Office docs) and play media – that sums up Documents by Readdle. This app was an App Store Editor’s choice and continues to be one of the most versatile and truly useful file managers. Built-in PDF annotation, downloading/saving email attachments, and the default cloud support makes it all the more powerful.

Price: Free
Download Documents by Readdle


FileMaster iPhone And iPad App LogoIf I can think of an “Androidification” of iOS as far as file management is concerned, I should choose FileMaster to do the job. This one comes with literally every feature that you’d expect out of a file manager. That includes things like Wi-fi-transfer, folder management (create, edit, delete, copy etc.) and it packs a punch with powerful built-in web browser, media player, document viewer. And to top the list, there’s password lock.

Price: Free
Download FileMaster


FileExplorer iPhone App LogoFileExplorer is a step ahead of the game with some higher-end features that include communicating with NAS servers and far deeper cloud storage. Couple that with the ability to stream movies and music from remote locations to your iDevice and that makes FileExplorer a top-notch file manager. At the basic level, it includes all the features you’d want out of a normal file manager. Should you be involved in accessing remote locations through IPs and should you need the media streaming ability, FileExplorer deserves a recommendation.

Price: $2.99
Download FileExplorer


Doctape iPhone And iPad App LogoHaving reviewed Doctape already, it’s hard not to be biased in some way towards the app. It’s a beautifully crafted file manager which answers most of the needs including a ton of filetypes being supported in the app. You can read the full review of Doctape here or just download and use the app!

Price: Free
Download Doctape

A list of basic File managers designed for the iPad can be found here.

  • Mike

    I downloaded the app from the App Store to use on my iPad and I opened it up and all there are is folders. I can’t get it to open up the box where you past the link of the song you want. Dosent really explain how to use it. Just thought when you open the app that the search box would load as well. Anybody can help me out would be apreaciated very much. Thank you!

  • Xin Zhao

    Files https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/files/id669786908?mt=8&uo=4 is another good one. And it’s free.