Best File Manager Apps for iPhone and iPad

With the introduction of “File,” a native file manager app for iOS, managing files has become easier than ever before. However, there are quite a few third-party apps that are more functional and makes file managing a painless experience. Should you think of giving them a chance, we have rounded up the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad.

Apart from letting you deal with files effortlessly, most of these file managers allow you to browse the web securely. You can transfer files from one device to the other and use the cloud-services to synchronize them across your devices. Read on to find out, what’s more, they are capable of!

Best File Manager Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019

#1. Browser and Documents Manager

Browser and Documents Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is an all-in-one app. It has a web browser, file manager, and also a download manager. The browser features tabs, private browsing by default, and a custom search engine.

The download manager can autocorrect filenames, safely pause and resume downloads, and deliver fast download speeds.

The file manager feature includes browsing through files easily, extract ZIP archives, and it supports 100+ file formats. However, it does not support audio and video file formats. Lastly, it also has iCloud, iTunes, and Camera Roll support.

Price: Free

#2. Documents 6

Documents 6 File Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Being App Store Editor’s Choice in over 70 countries, “Documents” is exactly what you need to take perfect control of your files and manage them with optimum ease. You can edit text files, read books and annotate PDF files to your best liking.

Easily download documents from the web and save web pages to read later. Safeguard your personal folders using passwords. More importantly, it lets you sync files with several cloud services such as Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and more.

Price: Free

#3. MyMedia

MyMedia File Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

MyMedia has packed in with all the features that make any app a top-notch file manager. Whether it’s managing files, transferring documents from your computer or viewing various types of documents, it’s designed to carry out the task with good result.

The app allows you to extract zip as well as RAR files. There is “Open with” feature which lets you open any file in different apps. With the audio player, you can repeat, shuffle songs and view the album art as well as music information.

Price: Free

#4. FileMaster

FileMaster iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Rated number one in more than 30 countries, FileMaster is a robust file manager for iOS. It’s also a very competent document viewer, video/audio player, and text editor.

Apart from letting you use passwords to protect your files, it enables you to hide your personal files and folders. The cloud storage supports include Box, SkyDrive, Dropbox. With the support of various file formats including word, excel, ppt, txt, you will access and view almost any type of files on your iPhone.

Price: Free

#5. FileExplorer 

FileExplorer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

FileExplorer stands out as a supremely handy file manager for iOS. You can access your files stored on your computer (macOS, Windows, Linux) and manage them right from your iOS device. You get the option to stream your classic videos and music inside the app.

Sort files by date, name, and size to keep them fully organized. And also add tags to find them with ease. As FileExplorer supports multiple file formats including MOV, CUE, GIF, HTML, etc. you won’t have any problem in dealing with different files.

Price: Free

#6. File Manager App

File Manager App iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one is very effective in letting you have the necessary control over your files and deal with them seamlessly. You can view multiple file types like images, audio, videos, PDF documents, Word documents, Excel documents, ZIP/RAR files, etc.

With the integrated PDF reader, you can deal with PDFs smoothly. Use a passcode to offer more shield to your files. Moreover, the app has the support of some cloud-based services like Dropbox, OneDrive to ensure you never run out of options.

Price: Free

#7. File Manager Pro

File Manager Pro App iPhone and iPad App

If you wish to manage your files with more precision, go for “File Manager Pro.” You can handle all of your documents with ease and keep them fully organized.

File Manager comes with a fully-featured document viewer that supports various formats like PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, Keynote, Numbers, Pages and more. You will also be able to view images, play your mp3s or watch videos with the inbuilt player.

The app lets you zip or unzip files with ease. Additionally, you can sync your files with multiple cloud services, such as Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive and

Price: $4.99

#8. iDownloadAll

iDownloadAll File Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

iDownloadAll excels in downloading files with top speed. With the built-in webpage browser, it’s more convenient to download files from any websites. You can download multiple images in one go.

It supports various file formats such as RFT, DOC, XLS, Text, HTML, JPG, GIF, etc. With the TXT file reader, you can comfortably change the size and color of text. Furthermore, use passwords to offer additional protection to your folders and prevent unauthorized access.

Price: Free

#9. Super File Explorer

Super File Explorer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Super File Explorer may not be as power-packed or lashed with rich features like many of its counterparts, but it is good enough to let you have a vital grip on file management.

It allows you to copy, paste, rename and move files as flawlessly as you would ever want. You can manage files in Dropbox and SugarSync. It lets you send files as email attachments. Besides, you won’t have any problem with viewing and downloading email attachments.

Price: Free

#10. My File Explorer

My File Explorer iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I have found “My File Explorer” neat and proficient and has got all the qualities to let you manage your files with ease. Store, view and keep your files perfectly organized. Use the inbuilt web browser to conveniently download files.

It provides hassle-free file transfer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or iTunes file sharing feature. Better still, the app works with several file formats including HTM, web pages, RTF, etc. And with the Dropbox integration, you will be able to sync your files across the devices.

Price: Free

What’s your favorite?

So, take control of your files and keep them completely organized on your iOS device using these top file manager apps. Besides, use passwords to add an extra layer of protection to your personal files. I’m sure these apps will stand up to your billing and deliver the desired performance.

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