Popcorn Time is a wildly popular app/software that streams pirated movies and TV shows. It has made an iOS debut in the form of a Cydia tweak/app for jailbroken iPhones (and iPads and iPod touchs too).

We write a lot about jailbreaking and tweaks but this time, we recommend that you don't download this one. Strongly recommended. And it's not that the app/tweak is unsafe (hardly so) but it's just that no matter what sort of a justification the devs provide, it boils down to piracy.

Popcorn Time Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPadApple's App Store has a very strict policy. When it comes to apps like these, which promote (directly/indirectly) piracy and that stream content which is clearly pirated, Apple rejects them right off the bat.

Which explains why these folks took to Cydia and jailbreak route.

There are two important reasons why you shouldn't pick up Popcorn Time. Sure, it's all fun and you get to watch the latest movies for “free”. But here's why you shouldn't do it.

#1. It's Unethical

To begin with, all claims of it being legal are kind of true. Popcorn Time doesn't host or pirate content on its own. What it does is ‘stream' from other sources. So, you could say you're within the legal boundaries till this point. However, when you stream “pirated content”, you begin an unethical journey. Since law varies from state to state and nation to nation, this ‘unethical' journey can be deemed illegal too.

#2. It's Still a Risky Jailbreak Tweak

Popcorn Time's reputation as a dependable tool rests on the trust people bestow upon it. It would be odd to suggest that the PT tweak/app for iOS can turn out to be a risky thing for your iOS device. But let's face the possibility: since it's a jailbreak tool, it *can* access much more than what a normal app can. And that always invites the risk.

But #2 is literally secondary to the first complaint. Forget even the legalities and the shady grey zones of ethics. It's just plain simple: don't use Popcorn Time on your iOS device. As an aside, if you decide to *pay* for the content through iTunes, you will push yourself to earn more/spend better.

  • P. Nym

    There’s nothing unethical about it at all.

  • Lauren Voyles

    All I get from this article is basically “blah blah blah, piracy is bad”. That was a waste of my time.

    • Brunitou

      +1 with Lauren