PompAdapter: Double the Charging Speed of iPhone

Since the industrial revolution took place in the United Kingdom, man has always pined to achieve more in less time. Speed, since then, has emerged as a significant phenomenon as people’s greed for more inspired, rather forced them to innovate and invent devices that give quick results. Our association with machines dates back to around 1760 when this revolution first occurred. And today, we are so much machine-oriented that we feel paralyzed without machine when a machine stops functioning for the lack of power.

Users appreciate the quick response from any device, and therefore, manufacturers have always come up with smart technology that provides quick solutions. We have dealt with many such accessories that offer you solutions at a speed of lightning, but this PompAdapter has certainly overwhelmed my nerves. The device is so much useful for all users that you would surely like to own this once it is released.

Before you lay your hands on this awesome product, you can go through a bit of information on PompAdapter.

PompAdapter: Boost Charging Speed of Your iDevice and Android Devices

PompAdapter doubles the charging speed at which you are charging your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. It is a small pen-drive like device that you can carry with you everywhere. This adapter shoots up the speed by 200%, and thus, it expedites the charging process.

Why PompAdapter

Charge Your iPhone, iPad, and Android Device Faster With PompAdapter

I guess PompAdapter actually replaces or makes your power banks redundant to a degree. By this, I don’t want to reduce the value of power banks as they can always help you when you are away from any power source. On a closer look, I came to know that (and came to this conclusion) if PompAdapter can double the charging speed of your humble charger, you can conveniently forget that power bank at home as long as you are a device within your city. Thus, a quick charge can temporarily make that power bank jobless. Since the somewhat is very compact in design, users can comfortably place it in their pockets, pouch, or laptop bag.

How Does it Work

PompAdapter is quite easy to use. It works as a bridge between your device and the power source you are using at home or office. Insert the original adapter in the power supply and then attach this PompAdapter with that original adapter; note that you don’t have to connect your Lightning cable to your original adapter. So this PompAdapter will work as a connector between the original adapter and Lightning cable.

How Does PompAdapter Work

PompAdapter is best used when you are away on a business trip with your digital gadgets like the tablet, smartphones, and other thingummies. On your trip, you don’t need to carry original USB charger; just keep one smart adapter to charge all your devices in the quickest time.

PompAdapter has got a smart IC inside and this detaches mobile phone/tablet charging mode and change the way to give maximum current to shorten the charging time.

PompAdapter – Double Charging Speed Using Same Cables iOS, Android

PompAdapter Design

PompAdapter Design

Design plays the pivotal role in the success of any gadget as people are also concerned with keychain aesthetics and ergonomics of any product. If the device is portable, design is all the more important for users and manufacturers both. This PompAdapter boasts perfect design to carry with you everywhere. You can easily convert it into a smart key chain as you can see a ring attached to the cap of PompAdapter. You can use this adapter in your office, in the car, at the office or in flight.

Summing up…

PompAdapter cannot be a substitute for portable power banks; however, with its lightning fast speed of charging devices, the adapter will certainly attract the considerable amount of attention of users, who own power banks. I think users should give it a shot!

Read more at their campaign page at IndieGogo.com.

PompAdapter for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

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PompAdapter for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices
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