How about navigating through your music collection without unlocking the screen?

Pluck is a little tweak that puts a small icon on the music control panel (double-press home button on lockscreen) so you can navigate through your music without leaving the lockscreen. In its simplicity, there’s a lot of power and several thousand users have already found this tweak to be amazing.

Apple does allow you to jump to the next/previous track from the lockscreen. When you press the home button twice, music controls replace the default time display and you can do play/pause, next/previous and control the volume through the slider. But jumping to a specific track?

Well, that’s a functionality that Apple doesn’t allow. No worries because there are jailbreak devs who can get it done.

Pluck Cydia Tweak

That’s what Ravi did and this morning, he released Pluck which basically puts a small icon on the music controls tapping which brings up all the tracks from your music app. In fact, it opens up the Music app so you can pick songs from playlists, artists, albums or just the play old track list.

Pluck Cydia Tweak offers a few options as to the placement of the icon.

What’s up there in Pluck?

  • Enable or disable toggle
  • Place the small icon on the right/left of the volume slider (lockscreen)

So as you can see, it’s pretty simple and pretty neat. The app requires a respring once you change the settings (Settings -> Pluck) but it happens automatically when you press ‘Apply.’ This is something I hope all developers do because it’s a little usability issue when you have to manually respring the device every time you change some setting in a tweak. Kudos to people who do stuff like this dev.

If you’re interested, Pluck is by the same guy who made other awesome tweaks like Torch/TorchNC, Kamera and the recently popular, Compose.

Repo: ModMyi
Cost: Free
Compatible: iPhone, iPod Touch. (iPad support coming soon.)