Pixelmator, the popular photo editor, for Mac, has been updated to version 3.5. Apart from plenty of performance improvements as well as bug fixes, the app has added some interesting features including the Auto Selection and Magnetic Selection tools in order to allow users to cut out objects from any scene in a photograph with more accuracy.

The all new Retouch extension for the OS X Photos app with the much refined brush-style edits into iCloud Photo Library looks pretty cool. And, I’m sure a lot of Mac users are going to love it.

Pixelmator Photo Editor for Mac

Pixelmator Photo Editor for Mac

How Does Magnetic Selection Work?

Magnetic Selection tool allows you to trace around things in an image in order to help you make detailed selection a lot quicker and with more precision.

This is exactly you’d want to get your task of editing images done with better results. This feature has really enhanced this app.

Smart Quick Selection

The smart Quick Selection enables you to select even the most difficult areas with just a single brushstroke. If you hadn’t been so impressed with its selection tool earlier, you would appreciate this new welcome addition.

Nice Retouch Extension

Pixelmator Retouch Extension for Photos seems to have really brought a cool dimension into the photo editing. The full set of amazing retouching tools for your Photos app is as effective as you’d like.

“The new Pixelmator 3.5 Canyon has been primed to not only get along perfectly with OS X El Capitan’s modern profile, OS X Continuity features including Handoff and iCloud Drive support but also works adorably together with Pixelmator for iOS.”

Price: $29.99
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