“Pixelmator” is an ultra-modern photo editing app which boasts of several features to let you give your favorite image an awesome look. When it was updated for Mac adding excellent Magnetic as well as selection tools, I desperately wanted the same features for the iOS app as well.

As expected, Pixelmator for iPhone and iPad has finally been updated to add a number of enhancements including the much-awaited, Magnetic and Quick Selection tools.

Pixelmator iPhone App

Pixelmator iPhone/iPad App Updated to Add Several Enhancements to Selection Items

How Do Magnetic & Quick Selection Tools Work?

If you have used Pixelmator for Mac, you must be familiar with the Quick Selection. To select any object, you just need to swipe over an approximate area.

With the use of the surrounding colors, the app automatically refines the selection. These exquisite tools are very helpful for touch screens.

The advanced Quick Selection tool allows you to make perfectly accurate selections. It can be very handy while you are trying to give your memorable pics great look. The Magnetic Selection tool enables you to trace around any object with optimum ease.

Enhanced Performance

While making selections, just tap on Invert in order to invert your selection. With the content-aware smoothing algorithm which is equipped to recognize smooth as well as hard objects, the outline of selections made with the Color Selection tool is now more precise. The new marching ants design enormously enhances performance.

Create New selection Mode

The Color Selection Tool has become a lot faster. There is also a Create New selection mode to offer you more freedom or the much-required convenience.

A live preview of the final selection is displayed while using the Add or Subtract selection modes. Now, you have the option to transform selections in the Arrange pane – just head over to the Tools menu → Format → Arrange to find it.

Price: $4.99
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