Review: Pitaka MagEZ Case for 2020 iPad Air and iPad Pro

Pitaka MagEZ Magnetic Slim Case for iPad Pro and iPad Air

With the launch of iPad Pro 2020, Apple introduced trackpad (or mouse) support in iPadOS and a unique Magic Keyboard with a floating cantilever design. But what was missing from the equation was a handy case that is good looking, slim, protective, and compatible with the keyboard. Not anymore, as the Pitaka MagEZ case for iPad Pro and iPad Air 2020 is here. Join us as we thoroughly review the case from a pure user-centric perspective.

Pitaka MagEZ iPad Pro and iPad Air Case Review

The Magic Keyboard does offer sufficient front and back protection to the iPad. But, whether in the floating position or folded down, a user might be worried about their precious devices. After all, accidents can happen, and scratches, dints, and dust can attack the iPad.

Pitaka MagEZ Case for iPad Pro and iPad Air

Pitaka MagEZ is designed to offer the iPad Pro/iPad Air 2020 users the comfort of protection and functionality while maintaining the Magic Keyboard’s seamless usage.

Bow To The Ultra Sleek Design

The first thing you will notice about the MagEZ iPad Case is that it carries their signature look, feel, & fabric. Crafted from aerospace-grade aramid fiber, the case is super slim & lightweight. And despite that, protection isn’t compromised.

Pitaka MagEZ Slim Designed Case for iPad Prp

The finely woven fibers lend super-strength, dependable & durable protection, a smooth hand-feel, and improved grip. In addition, this also allows the case to boast a form-fitted design.

Seamless Apple Magic Keyboard Compatibility

Pitaka has made sure that the case supports all functionality of the Magic Keyboard. The process of connecting the keyboard remains the same, and it does not hinder closure in any manner.

Thanks to the ultra-sleek design, you can fold the keyboard with the case on, without any bumps. Furthermore, it sports a secure magnetic attachment that easily allows the lightweight case to snap on/off the keyboard.

The magnets also ensure a firm and secure hold, avoiding any risk of slippage while you are working.

Magnetic Connectivity

And not just the Magic Keyboard, the four precisely placed metal segments also enable magnetic connectivity with other accessories such as Apple Pencil and MagEZ iPad Stand by Pitaka.

Magnetic Connectivity of Pitaka MagEZ Case

Notably, the Apple Pencil will get juiced up as usual,  as the case does not affect that capability.

Charge With Super Ease

The slim case houses the patented three-pin adapter that enables seamless, full speed charge between the iPad Pro/iPad Air Case and Magic Keyboard. You can also charge the iPad with USB-C or comfortably attach Type-C hubs.

Pitaka MagEZ Case Charging Slot

Whether the charging port, power button, speaker grill, or volume control, every big or little detail is taken care of, thanks to the precision design.

Pitaka MagEZ Case Volume Buttons

Accessory To The Accessory

Extending the utility of this durable case, Pitaka introduces an iPad card-holder clip. It easily slides over your iPad Pro or iPad Air 2020 and keyboard and enables easy access to cards, whenever & wherever.

The wallet clip can easily accommodate up to 2 credit cards or 4 business cards. It also doubles as an Apple Pencil holder for additional security while you are on the go.

Pitaka MagEZ Case with Wallet Clip

In case you prefer a slimmer card sleeve over a clip, Pitaka has an option for that as well. The MagEZ card sleeve has built-in magnets that could attach to the center of the MagEZ iPad or iPhone cases.

Pitaka MagEZ Card Sleeve with built-in Magnets

And though useful, I thought the magnets on the card sleeve aren’t as strong. So, while I give the card-holder clip full marks, the sleeve gets 3.5/5. However, both the products are slightly on the expensive side.

Is Pitaka MagEZ iPad Pro and iPad Air Case Worthy?

Absolutely! I totally adore a product when you can see and feel the thoroughness and thoughtfulness in its design. And this lightweight, slim case does check many boxes in terms of compatibility, functionality, and durability.

With innovative products like the Air Omni multi-device charger and the MagDock, Pitaka has always set the bar quite high. And it pleases me to say that the MagEZ iPad Pro and iPad Air Case maintains similar standards.

I also love that the case is available in Pitaka’s signature black/grey and blue/black twill pattern.


  • 12.9″ iPad Pro 2020 & 2018
  • 11″ iPad Pro 2020 & 2018
  • 10.9″ iPad Air 2020


  • MagEZ iPad Pro/iPad Air case – $69.99
  • iPad card-holder clip – $28.99
  • MagEZ Card Sleeve – $28.99

Buy it from Pitaka

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