Pitaka MagDock – Wireless Charging Dock for iPhones

Pitaka MagDock - Wireless Docking Station for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, iPhone XR, Apple Watch, and AirPods

Apple introduces integrated wireless charging feature in its iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X and later smartphones. But the company fails to supply a wireless charging base as promised. Taking advantage of this delay, some third-party manufacturers launched wireless charging docks in the market. However, only a few of them succeeded in impressing consumers. Pitaka brings one of the best wireless charging docks for your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Pitaka has designed MagDock, which is an all-in-one wireless charging dock. The product, with its stunning features, has inspired me to write this review. Unlike other wireless charging bases, MagDock offers some extraordinary things. It will be a fierce competition between Pitaka and other leading charging docks, including Apple’s Airpower.

PITAKA MagDock – The All-in-One Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods

Pitaka’s wireless charging dock has a three-in-one design, and this makes all the difference for users. It can charge your two iPhones and an Apple Watch. No matter where you are on earth, you can charge your devices with this all-in-one wireless charging dock.


Pitaka MagDock Design

Pitaka has smartly designed this charging dock. Its cylindrical shape and reusable Nano gel base are two notable features of this charging dock. Stability is appreciated by users, who always travel a lot. The Nano gel base firmly sticks to the surface, and it doesn’t shake the cylinder even as you are attaching or removing your devices.

The most glaring feature of this charging dock is “twist and dock.” The upper part of the cylinder is twistable; you can twist this part and you can easily place your iPhone to have FaceTime calls and watch videos without leaning your neck.

You can casually place your mobile on the dock and the dock will do the rest. Once your iPhone is put on the dock, it firmly attaches to the pad even as you accidentally touch your phone.

Why is it better than other wireless charging docks?

Pitaka MagDock comes with an extra pad, that magnetically attaches to the main base; this allows you to charge an additional device (iPhone or any other smartphone with wireless charging facility.)

Pitaka MagDock Features

The auto-align magnetic design is a killer feature. This sounds quite ordinary appearance, but users realize its value when you see your iPhone not charged overnight. A gentle knock can disturb the charging had you been using another charging dock. This is not the case with Pitaka’s dock. This charging base is embedded with magnets; your phone sticks on the charging area and it is charged continuously.

It is your portable power bank. Pitaka has built a 7800mAh battery, which makes it a backup power bank. While you are charging your device, the Pitaka charging base charges itself; thus, your Pitaka charging dock is always ready for the next use when you are away from wall chargers or other traditional power sources. It is interesting to note that Pitaka charges your Apple Watch 25 times and iPhone X for just two times.

Ultimate Travel-friendly Design

Pitaka MagDock Travel Charger for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, Apple Watch, and AirPods

A travel pouch is the best thing you can gift yourself when you are buying this wireless charging dock. The pouch can accommodate your earphones, adapter, and your MagDock Spot. And you are ready to go!

Use MagDock Companion App

Pitaka MagDock iOS App

You can use MagDock companion app on your iPhone to check if your device is being charged. In case your MagDock battery is low, fully charged or disconnected from the main power socket, it will be notified on your iPhone.

Widest Compatibility

You can charge all your iPhones having integrated wireless charging feature on this dock. Moreover, this dock charges all your Apple Watch (40mm ledge, 38mm ledge, 42mm ledge, 44mm ledge.) The dock supports Milanese loop, Bylon weave sport band, Link bracelet, leather band, and Fluoroelastomer sports band.

Miscellaneous Features

Pitaka’s wireless charging dock does not emit light; you can charge your devices overnight without getting disturbed by the light. It is space-saving; the cylindrical shape occupies less time. When you need to charge your second iPhone, you can attach an extra wireless charger pad. When not in use, you can put that extra charger pad in the pouch.

Video Walkthrough

YouTube video

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Summing up…

Pitaka has crafted a brilliant wireless charging dock, which has intelligent design. A travel-friendly dock is your best companion to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch. The extra pad is helpful if you are using AirPods. It is a perfect charging solution you get!

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