A ping test is done to check whether your Mac is connected to a network or not. Ping also helps test the latency or delay between ports. It is also used to troubleshoot the problems in network.

If your Mac is also going through same problems, you can easily try out the ping test. There are various methods within Mac that allow you to do so. You can even try the ping test with the help of online service. Below are the different methods to do so:

How to Ping IP Address on Mac

Here is How to Test Ping on your Mac with Network Utility:

Step #1. Open “Applications” followed by “Utilities.”

Network Utility on Mac

Step #2. Choose “Network Utilities” and now, click on “Ping.”

Step #3. In the space provided below the option “Enter the network address to ping”, enter the IP address or web URL for which you want to set the “ping test.”

How to Test Ping on Mac with Network Utility

Step #4. Press “Ping.”

Now, you will see various pings. Each ping test will be of 64 bytes and will list ISP followed by ping time in ms. The lower the ms (milliseconds), much better it is.

Here is how to test ping on your Mac with Terminal

Step #1. Go to Applications and then select Utilities.

How to Test Ping on Mac with Terminal

Step #2. From there, click on “Terminal.”

Step #3. When a new Terminal window pops up, type:
replace <IP_ADDRESS/URL> with an IP address or a web url.
and hit return/Enter.

Ping Test on Mac Using Terminal

Step #4. The ping will run. If the network works fine and the pinged IP is responding, you will start to see multiple entries coming up in the terminal.

Step #5. To stop, press Ctrl+C.

Here is How to Test Ping on your Mac through Website:

You can also do the ping test by using online services. The one we have used is Pingtest.net.

Step #1. Open Safari/Chrome and type http://www.pingtest.net/

Step #2. Click on “Begin Test.

Step #3. A popup asking “Do you want to trust the website http://www.pingtest.net to use Java plugin?” Press “Trust” and then “Run.”

Step #4. At bottom of your Mac you will see your IP and ISP name, check and then click “Begin Test.

Additional information:

If you receive ping saying “ping: cannot resolve example.com: Unknown host” (where example.com is the website name entered by you), it could mean that the website is not responding. Sometimes, it could also be a mis-spelled domain name. Try spelling it correctly and ping again.

Or, you can enter the IP address (if you know it) rather than typing the URL.

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