Pili Pop Christmas iPhone/iPad Game – Learn English words

Pili Pop Christmas is one of the coolest & most engaging iPhone game for learning. It combines intuitive learning with interesting game play.
Pili Pop Christmas iPhone and iPad Game

Everything is good about Pili Pop Christmas: the iPhone/iPad game app which lets your kids learn English words (listening and pronunciation) through various Christmas-related things.

From the fact that the entire game is free with unhindered access to the beautiful, intuitive lessons designed as games, Pili Pop Christmas is a must-have for every household with young kids. Read on to find out what makes Pili Pop Christmas such an endearing iPhone/iPad app to use.

Pili Pop Christmas iPhone and iPad Game

Pili Pop Christmas has been designed by folks who completely understand the demographics of app-based learning. What makes the app great is that it puts teaching/learning subtly into the game-play but enough to make it the most important part of the game-play.

The four games are designed to help your kid learn words and pronounce them. For instance, in the first game, your kid hears words and she picks the item that the word corresponds to.

The game itself is designed as a dress-up game which makes for an interesting and fun activity. Kids get to learn to associate a word with an object – and repeated learning makes things more comfortable, so the game is designed that way.

Pili Pop Christmas Game for iPhone & iPad

The other game is where your kid helps Santa deliver the gifts. Your kid has to read the number on every house correctly so Santa can drop the gifts. Interestingly, Pili Pop Christmas has excellent voice recognition that has been perfected. The other pronunciation lesson is where your kid talks colors.

Pili Pop Christmas is, obviously, Christmas-themed and is actually a glimpse of the full-version $6.99 game that actually has an overwhelming level of features.

Here’s some more of what Pili Pop Christmas contains:

  • Advent Calendar to make sure your kid learns new words every day
  • Multiple accounts for each child with interesting characters
  • No Ads. That’s a huge benefit
  • Parental controls

Pili Pop Christmas comes from Pili Pop Labs which is involved in making apps that are engaging while helping youngsters learn the language through interesting activities. The Christmas offering is one of their best free app out there. I think it hits the mark right on the spot when it comes to making beautiful and fun learning games.

Pili Pop Christmas is designed for kids 1-5 yrs (but can be played by anyone really).

Price: Free
Compatibility: All iPhones and iPads and iPod Touch

That’s all!

The Bottom Line…

Pili Pop English is a thoughtfully designed app that makes learning absolute fun. With several fun-loving activities and advanced techniques, it ensures your child enjoys the study.

Would you like to give this app a try? Share your thoughts about it down below.

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