I’m sure we’re late on this one but Piikki is one of the finest and most simplified receipt scanner we’ve seen. We did take a look at a lot of receipt tracking apps before and there is quite a dearth of apps lying around in the App Store for this purpose.

We thought that may be you should take a look at it and start using it.

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Here’s more about Piikki and its features:

It’s the simplest yet adequately feature-rich receipt and expense tracking app out there. Through a few updates, it has grown into a really powerful app but it still does two things perfectly: managing your receipts much better than how you’d manage without an app and keeping you on top of all your expenses and accounts.

Piikki iPhone and iPad App Review

There’s something about Piikki that makes it cool. It’s light-weight for starters. Here’s a few important features right out of the box:

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Sync: oh how useful this is! Click photos of receipts on your iPhone and they get synced to your iPad. And it’s not just on iCloud. You can do this via Dropbox and Evernote too so it’s like no matter where you save the receipt – iPhone or iPad – it’s always going to be at an arm’s reach.

Expenses: The receipt tracking isn’t hi-fi as in a few other trackers but that’s a boon. As you track receipts, your expenses are tracked too. And that makes things much better and richer.

Email, Geo-tagging, AirPrint, Metadata/tagging, Password Protection: there’s something in the little details that makes Piikki very powerful despite the simple face it presents.

Piikki runs natively both on the iPhone and the iPad which makes it a really good experience in comparison to that 2x thing that happens with non-native apps running on iPhone.

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Piikki’s cloud storage support is awesome like I said before. And the little features like email and tags make things all the more better.

Piikki is now $3.99 on the App Store.

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Download Piikki