Picr iPhone App: Create Selfie Timeline Movies Right on the iPhone

Remember those viral picture-a-day timeline videos of ‘selfies’? If you have ever tried to create one yourself, you probably knew how hard it is by the second, third day of clicking a selfie.

One ingenious app from the store wants to make it super simple. Called Picr, the iPhone app will remind you to take a photo/selfie every single day, it will help you click a pic correctly (with markers and grids and all) and it will compile it into a nice video. All for free.

Developer Marcus Rumbohm comes up with a cool idea to help people create those cool-looking selfie-timeline videos. I don’t have a fetish for those but whenever I stumble upon a link that points to a video of someone’s selfie over a long period of time (months or years), I definitely have to take a look at it.

Although I have not tried to do that, I have heard that it’s one of the hardest things to do and it takes a lot of time and patience. But most of all, you’ve got to remember to click a perfect pic every day. For those who are prone to clicking selfies all throughout the day, this might be easy but for true artists who’re trying to do something substantial with selfies, this is hard.

To make the perfect video, you also have to layer the photos perfectly so that your face is mostly in the same frame. If you are adept at that in Photoshop, you are still spending a lot of time organizing the photos and layering them correctly within a frame.

Picr iPhone App Easiest Way to Create Timeline Movie On the iPhone

Picr makes it all very simple. To begin with, it has a reminder/alert option. The app will remind you to take a photo every day for as long as you want to be reminded. There are many repeat intervals (like 30 mins once, 1 hr once, 1 day once etc.)

Next up, you don’t have to worry about the framing of the picture. You can use a grid or you can even use the previous photo as an overlay to click the picture in the right frame.

Click A Picture A Day and Make a Movie Out of It with Picr iPhone App

And finally, the movie part. Picr will seamlessly and effortlessly help you create the movie from all the photos in a collection (the organizing options is just perfect). You can add music and text overlays to the video too so there’s some level of customization available.

Picr, I think, puts the art of creating selfie timeline videos into everyone’s hands. And it’s doing a good job of it.

Picr would be an amazing app to document your kid’s growth, or a tour you went to. It’s not just selfies that make the best timeline videos.

Picr is free for a limited time.  Checkout their official website here.

Price: Free
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