Piano Passcode is a cool new tweak that lets you unlock your lockscreen by playing a tune on a piano! Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Well it definitely is.

The new tweak, which is available on the BigBoss repo, comes as a very unique method of unlocking the lockscreen. The piano technique itself is not new: we’ve seen them in movies and novels. But implementing it on the iPhone lockscreen has taken this long. Anyway, now that it’s up, grab it.

Piano Passcode uses the same number system that the default iOS passcode lock uses. Only, you can set this to a 7-digit number. Once you set it up, you are shown a 12-key piano (with the black keys but they aren’t functional), and playing the right keys (numbers) unlocks your screen.

Piano Passcode Cydia Tweak

Once you install the tweak, there aren’t many settings to tweak.

You can enable/disable the tweak with the Enable toggle switch. You can set/edit the piano passcode. You’re given a nice little visual representation of what numbers the keys represent. And then there’s a secure mode which works to set things up when you’re using other security-tweaks (like JellyLock, iCaughtU etc…)

It’s a fancy tweak done right and integrates well with the passcode security. While you can setup both this and the stock passcode, it is not recommended. When you set them both, a small ‘close’ button (x) shows up on the Piano Passcode screen. You can tap that to enter your usual passcode (not the one you set up for Piano Passcode). However, it’s recommended that you use just one of them.

And for those of you who’re still wondering if it plays the notes, yes, sir, it does play the notes precisely. So you can have a small 7-note tune set up and you can play that tune to unlock the screen. Awesome, if you ask me.

Piano Passcode is available on BigBoss and costs $0.99