Physical Emoji Keyboard for Mac, iPhone and iPad from EmojiWorks

For emoji lovers, EmojiWorks offers a unique product: Physical Emoji Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac. Bring home this new keyboard and type in number of emojis during your conversation with your loved ones.

Alphabets are not enough to express human emotions and therefore, there are emojis that promptly convey a message that is understood by other persons. While typing those emojis on your iPhone, iPad or Mac with a virtual keyboard is a challenging task, a physical emoji keyboard was long wished for by emoji lovers.

Now, EmojiWorks has come up with a physical emoji keyboard for Macs and iOS devices that lets you type emoji faster than ever. With the help of this physical keyboard, you can easily beat your friends in typing emoji.

The all-new physical emoji keyboard (with built-in shortcut keys) allows you to type in emoji ten times faster than your friend. This keyboard is no different than other Mac keyboards, but it has emoji symbols.

Physical Emoji Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and Mac by EmojiWorks

You can spice up your chat by inserting popular emojis like poop, thumbs up, unicorn head, taco, heart and number of faces. Each alphabet on the keyboard has one or two emojis, which can be inserted by pressing a special emoji key. So like a Shift key that enables you to insert a letter in the capital, this emoji key, when pressed, allows you to insert your desired emoji.

EmojiWorks Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The keyboard is enabled by Bluetooth, and hence, it can be connected to Macs and other iOS devices. Due to the limitation of space, not all emojis are included, only the popular ones have found the place here. Moreover, the emoji keyboard is not customizable as EmojiWorks has installed pre-programmed shortcuts and emojis are pre-printed on the keyboard.

Physical Emoji Keyboard

As of now, EmojiWorks has come up with three emoji keyboard models: Emoji Keyboard, Emoji Keyboard Plus, and Emoji Keyboard Pro; the three keyboards are priced at $79.95, $89.95 and $99.95 respectively. If you ask what the difference between the three is, let me tell you that hardware could be the same but the number of emoji shortcuts varies. The simple Emoji Keyboard has 47 emojis, while Emoji Keyboard Plus and Emoji Keyboard Pro offer 94 and 120 emojis respectively.

Price: $79.95-$99.95 [Pre-order], $89.95-$109.95 [Regular]
You can place pre-order for your choice of emoji keyboard

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