Photomarks iPhone App Review

What if you could upload beautifully watermarked photos directly to Instagram? What if you could edit almost every little aspect of the watermark text/logo? What if you could just have it all done right on the iPhone?

I’ve seen a ton of watermarking apps for the iPhone (and we did cover them here) but there’s something different about PhotoMarks, at least as far as I know.

PhotoMarks is a new iPhone app that aims to simplify watermarking. It’s not just a watermark app although it works that way perfectly. You can use the app to add text to your photos, or to add logos (from your camera roll/photo app) and even share them via social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Unlike a few other ‘heavy’ apps, PhotoMarks is not built to have a ton of features. But whatever it provides is kind of extensive. What would you expect from an efficient watermarking app? Ability to change the font, color, transparency, a few embellishments like drop-shadow and outline – right? That’s about everything that PhotoMarks provides.

How Photomarks iPhone App Works

Usually, in my routine tests with other watermarking apps, I’ve felt that there is a noticeable quality loss. Sometimes, the photo’s quality is compromised too, but in most cases, the watermark text/image is rendered in low-quality. I’ve detested that. Fortunately, the output from PhotoMarks is great!

Quality of Photomarks iPhone App

Usability is at its peak. You can rotate the watermark, pinch to increase or decrease the size, delete or add another watermark and of course, add a few text effects.

In our tests, PhotoMarks turned out to be a wonderful watermarking app that integrated well with Instagram. You just had to create the watermark effect for your photo and hit Share → Instagram and then you can add all the filters you’d usually add and upload to Instagram. This means there’s more personalization now for your Instagram uploads.

The social feature is a real charm for PhotoMarks, and that’s one of the reasons why you should get this app. If you are concerned about people using your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter photos and want to add a watermark to the photos you upload, I can think of no better software right now other than PhotoMarks.

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PhotoMarks is on the App Store. It’s usually $1.99 but as an introductory offer, it’s $0.99 for a limited time. Grab it. You may also like to read review of PhotoMarks for Mac/Windows.


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