PhotoMarks App for Mac/Windows: Batch Watermarking Made Easy

Remember PhotoMarks for iOS – the watermarking app for the iPhone that we talked about sometime back? Well, for those of you who don’t know, PhotoMarks is a powerful and elegant watermarking app built for the iPhone. And now, it’s also available for Mac/PC.

PhotoMarks for Mac/PC is a batch watermarking tool and if you’re dealing with a bunch of images that you want to watermark, this is one of the best ways to do it without losing the quality of the work.

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There are other batch photo processors out there and there’s also BatchPhoto from the same folks that developed PhotoMarks but where PhotoMarks specializes is that it is focused on just one thing: better, faster and lossless watermarking for a bunch of photos.

PhotoMarks App for Mac/Windows

Typically, you can do a lot many things to watermark your photos. Advanced photoshop experts actually use plugins and scripts to automate the entire process but it’s cumbersome to open all the photos and then watermark them even if via a script.

Softwares like PhotoMarks makes it easy for everyone to watermark their photos. In an age where your social shares are increasingly becoming exposed to a lot of people, it sure would be good to watermark your photos. For businesses and companies, this can be very vital. Our own photos usually don’t carry the watermark and we’ve been ripped occasionally of our photos.

Top features that we found interesting were:

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  • Fully-customizable watermark logos. This is so important and the features are really expansive. You can be quite creative when you make the watermark design that’ll go on every photo.
  • Filters: This is something really cool. Besides being able to add watermarks, you can add filters to an image. These are mostly frames like the grunge, picture, vintage or other embellishments like the border. You can also do a few minor edits to the image (rotations for instance.)

It’s good that these filters got added because although it’s just about watermarking, people do need these little enhancements.

PhotoMarks supports a lot of formats (up to 50 including RAW). Their social touch carries over to the Mac/PC app too where you can upload the processed images directly to Flickr.

Overall, PhotoMarks from BitsCoffee is a worthy app if you regularly deal with a bunch of photos. Click here To get PhotoMarks for Windows.


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That’s all for now! Give it a try and do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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