10 Awesome Photojojo iPhone Photo Accessories You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you haven’t stumbled on Photojojo’s amazing set of photo accessories, you’ve probably missed something huge. I first saw their fisheye, and macro lens set and boy was I surprised. Today, Photojojo’s catalog is vast and has some of the most impressive iPhone photo accessories.

Photojojo’s iPhone photo accessories is a curios mixture of ultimate sophistication and some absolutely useful lenses and CamStand for the iPhone. Here’s a list of 10 excellent Photojojo iPhone photo accessories that are absolutely wonderful.

The Kick

Photojojo The Kick Light

Want to create beautiful color-filled ambiances with your iPhone? This accessory will let you do that. The Kick is a set of brilliant LED lights that can be controlled with the free Kick Light app on the App Store. From lighting up your bedroom to playing with these lights in different environments, The Kick is an interesting accessory to have. But for the price-tag, I guess this is terrific for professionals.

Macro Lens Band

Photojojo Macro Lens Band

A thin and strong band wraps around your iPhone and with this comes the macro lens so you can take beautiful macro photos of flowers, insects, etc. Macro photography is always amazing, and this $15 band makes it possible on your iPhone.

iPhone Boom Mic

Photojojo iPhone Boom Mic

Want to record better with your iPhone? The iPhone Boom Mic will let you do that. At the party when someone’s singing, at a wedding when someone’s talking, or even at your school when you are recording a lecture… Quite handy indeed.

Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

Photojojo Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

This one is for the adventurous folks who are prone to dive into the water and click photos. The Optrix iPhone adventure suit is crafted explicitly for taking pics with your iPhone. Not just pics but better pics with a lens attached.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

Photojojo iPhone Telephoto Lens

And we thought these folks were going to stop with iPhone macro lenses, here comes the telephoto lens. The reading is 500mm (and people who use DSLRs with telephoto lenses will tell you that it’s huge). For the digicam folks, it’s about 12x zoom capacity.

iPhone Shutter Grip

Photojojo iPhone Shutter Grip

The iPhone shutter grip is a cool add-on for the iPhone when you’re on a shutter clicking spree. It converts your iPhone into a camera. Well, not exactly. It makes handling the iPhone easy and almost camera-like. There’s the shutter button to trigger the shutter on the iPhone cam. It’s almost perfect that you might forget your camera.

Bikepod for iPhone

Photojojo Bikepod for iPhone

This is one of my favorite accessories. If you are a fan of those dashcam videos and want to do one yourself (on a cycle, though), here’s your chance. The Bikepod for iPhone is a cool accessory that fits almost all iPhones including 3GS and 5.

Gorillapod PhoneCam ClampStand

Photojojo Gorillapod PhoneCam ClampStand

If you’re looking for a cost-effective iPhone cam-stand, the Gorillapod can be one of the best choices you make. It’s quite flexible but equally strong so you can adjust the thing as you want and it still keeps the iPhone standing safe. Excellent for recording stable videos and taking crisp photos. And most importantly for all those video calls!

iPhone Lens Dial

Photojojo iPhone Lens Dial

This one is for the professional. The iPhone lens dial is a complete three-lens kit for serious iPhonography. There is a wide angle, a fisheye, and a telephoto. For the iPhone 5, there’s a bonus macro lens too. What’s interesting is that all these are clubbed together on a circular plate. If you want to shift between the lenses, it’s just rotating the fixture.

Clip-on iPhone Lens

Photojojo Clip-on iPhone Lens

These Clip-on iPhone lenses are the best, handy lenses to carry with you. And interestingly, they’re not just handy. They’re cost-effective too. The clip-on iPhone lens can be quickly fitted on the iPhone and voila! Click cool pictures.

Photojojo has several more iPhone-related photo accessories too. You can check them out if you’re ready for some awesomeness.

Visit Photojojo.com for more information.