The photos app has a major revamp in iOS 7 but truth be told, despite the redesign and the addition of editing capabilities, it's not yet a “complete” photo manager for your iPhone or iPad. Obviously, that's why we have iPhoto but what about a free alternative that can cut it?

Photoful, an app that has been here for quite long but an app that we only recently stumbled on, seems to be a perfect replacement for the stock app on iPhone. And for all it's features and ease-of-use, I think the app has been quite underrated at least in comparison to a lot of other popular photo apps.

Photoful iPhone iPad App Review

First things first: Photoful is not a fancy app. It means business for people who are serious about keeping their photos organized, edited and ready for use in whatever way you can imagine. The app comes with great editing capabilities that are comparable to those of apps that are specifically built for photo editing. And Photoful is not even built for editing but has these features as an added thing.

Photoful takes an iOS 7-approach to organizing photos: chronology. Oh, wait: it's the other way round. iOS 7 takes a page from Photoful in showing the photos. Interestingly, Photoful allows you to edit photo sets very easily unlike the stock app which has very limited capability there. You can add tags too which makes sorting, searching and filtering very easy.

A simple pinch gesture can zoom-in or zoom-out on the album view (and goes up to individual photos on full-screen). Swipe on a photo to trash it. Later, you can recover it too! The app is kind of very power-packed in terms of features but plays it very simple on the interface: it's so smooth that you wouldn't feel its power till you start using all of its functions.

One of the most amazing things about Photoful is what you can do after you've edited a photo: the share options are much more versatile. You can even order a print – a feature that's exclusively reserved for core photo editors.

Also included and useful is sharing to Dropbox, Tumblr, Whatsapp and – wait for it – iMessage without leaving the app!

Photoful for iPhone/iPad is probably the best free photo manager/editor I've seen so far. It's everything that the stock photo app is and beyond.

The only thing you'll miss is videos but the name's “Photoful” so you know where the devs wanted to go.

Price: Free
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