Create Beautiful Infographics of iPhone Photos: Photo Stats Review

An app that collects EXIF data from the Photos you captured on your iPhone and then creates deliciously colorful and beautiful infographics is something you’ll get excited about when you see it in action.

That’s how you fall in love with Photo Stats for iPhone: an amazing piece of an app which lets you create infographics based on the photo metadata in your photo albums.

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Create Beautiful Infographics of iPhone Photos: Photo Stats Review

Now, even though infographics are all the rage – with some of us have seen one too many last year – I think the way it’s implemented is so cool that you’ll definitely want to try this app right away for the photos you’ve clicked on your iPhone.

Beautiful Infographics

One look at the app and you know that the folks behind the app are amazing at design. They have crafted the whole app and the outputs it produced in such a way that makes it uber-cool. It takes a really unique approach to the way you see data about your photos.

Fact is, we never really bother about what days we’ve been clicking a lot of photos, or what time of the day has been most productive or where you’ve taken the maximum number of photos: but with Photo Stats, the way you care about that data changes.

Location, Time, ISO & More

Photo Stats World Map

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Photo Stats collects all EXIF data: location, time, ISO, flash, shutter speed. You can choose the date range to be analyzed for the photos and you can change the theme in settings.

There aren’t too many features to get lost in but whatever features you get are quite good.

For people who use the iPhone camera a lot – say, as the main camera for all those special occasions – Photo Stats would be an “interesting” app.

It’s not going to change the way you click, but it will definitely change the way you see your photography.

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Photo Stats App Review

A Curiously Interesting Mix

For about a dollar, you get an app that bundles a lot of information neatly. The infographics can be shared via Facebook and Twitter or saved on your iPhone and emailed to friends. There’s a lot you can do with the images like draw up comparisons between several periods and stuff.

It’s a great app but doesn’t expect it to be useful in any way other than impressing yourself with some cool stats showing up as amazing graphics.

That’s all, mate.

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