Photo Organizer 8, the Cydia tweak for iOS 8, brings the one stop solution to enhance the iPhone/iPad’s Photos app as desired. The default Photos app lacks some specific user-friendly features. As for instance, not having any option to select all photos at once.

Photo Organizer 8 iOS 8 Cydia Tweak

The jailbreak tweak efficiently boosts up the stock Photos app. Unlike most other tweaks, you don’t need to go to Settings app and fix any changes you want to see in it. Everything you want is available within the app to choose from. Here is more you may wish to know about the same.

Select/Deselect Photos At Once

Though there are plenty of qualities of the jailbreak tweak, the ability to select/deselect all the photos at one go without having to do so manually one by one is very special. Just a tap and you are done!

There are no SpringBoard icons or preference panels in your iPhone’s Settings app. Once you install the tweak, it finds its place into the Photos app itself. Thereby making it ultra-simple for you to make any changes you want intuitively.

Sort Photos By Date, Size Or Name

Depending on how you want to view all the pictures, the tweak provides you the option to sort them based on date, name or size. It is pretty significant as it will help you find them out with ease. Besides, you will also know when exactly you captured them.

Import and Sync Albums Without iTunes

There is no question about how useful iTunes is for iOS users. However, it becomes a little lengthy when you have to import or sync any stuffs through it as it involves some roundabout process. Doesn’t it?

The tweak allows you to import and sync albums without iTunes. In addition to this, you can record the list of albums, rename the Camera Roll and move photos to new albums.

Available for $2.99 from BigBoss Repo

The Organizer 8 is available for $2.99 from BigBoss repo. Knowing how smart a utility it can be especially when you wish to enhance your custom Photos app, the tweak boasts of everything you may ask for.