Best Photo Editing Apps in 2020 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Believe me; you don’t need to be an expert to edit photos elegantly on your iOS device. Really. If you wish to design your images like a pro, this extensive roster of 16 best photo editors for iPad and iPhone are for you.

What makes a big difference is the huge library of filters and effects. Pick out the one that suits your style or the theme of your photo and see the magic happen.

Moreover, you can also eliminate the unwanted things from your photos and give them a touch of retro or modern look. And with the attractive frames as well as funny stickers on offer, you will instantly transform the appearance of your pic. So, ready to get a nice photo editor for your iPhone right now? Here you go!

Best iPhone Photo Editing Apps in 2020

#1. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

If you have used Adobe Photoshop on your Mac or PC, you will find “Adobe Photoshop Express” very familiar. Along with Snapseed, it’s my top pick for more than one reasons.

First and foremost, I find its intuitive user-interface very helpful. And with the high-quality editing tools at the disposal, the app allows you to enhance your pics with the desired flair.

You will quickly adjust contrast, exposure, white balance and also remove the blemish to make your photos look charming. On top of all, there are over 45 eye-catching effects that can instantly transform the quality of your pics.

There are 15 borders and frames that can offer a new dimension to your shots. To ensure your memorable images have the needed safeguard, be sure to watermark them.

Price: Free

#2. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

“PicsArt Photo Studio,” with over 500 million users, is one of the most admirable photo editor apps for iOS. Featuring a huge library of over 3000 editing tools, it has got the quality to be your all-in-one photo editor.

The app comes with hundreds of templates to let you make captivating collages. You can choose to make grid style, templated or freestyle arrangement collages.

Plus, take advantage of the huge library of rich tools to get rid of the blemish or add glamor to your image. And with the professional drawing tools on offer, you can bring out the real artist living within you. Besides, you will also use hilarious stickers and emojis to add some fun element to the image.

Price: Free

#3. InstaSize Photo Editor

InstaSize Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

If you want to have a pretty easy-to-use photo editor to let you design images for sharing on social media, Instasize should be a good pick. The app has an appreciable collection of over 80 filters that can let you instantly refine the look of your images.

Aside from a large roster of filters, the app also comes up with some adjustment tools so that you can control exposure, sharpness, and contrast with ease. Resize your images and videos perfectly so that they look great on the different platforms.

You can also add text to your photos to make them look more expressive. Save your creativity in high resolution and share it with your friends to win praise.

Price: Free

#4. Photo Editor

Photo Editor iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

Last but not least, this “Photo Editor” can become your favorite asset for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it’s fully featured so you can try out all sorts of tools to craft great looking pics.

The second, it has a variety of instant effects. That means your images will have a new look in the blink of an eye. You will add unique frames and overlays to make the images arrest eyes.

If you love drawing, you will appreciate this app a lot. You can draw and paint on your pics. The tons of stickers and beautiful fonts bring plenty of fun into the mix.

Price: Free

#5. Facetune

Facetune Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

Here comes the photo editor that’s ranked right at the top in Photo & Video category and got the enviable 4.9 stars out of 72.5K ratings! Facetune boasts everything you may want to style your photos to the heart’s liking.

It enables you to easily get rid of the blemishes, re-touch bags under the eyes, and make subtle changes to skin tone and texture. Widen your smile and brighten your teeth to make your photos look adorable.

Change the eye color and reshape the facial structure to transform the entire appearance. You can also add an artistic touch to your pics so that they appear to be more emotive.

Create customizable filters to embellish your stuff with more control. And use the unique textures and beautiful frames to adorn your memories like a true artist.

Price: $3.99

#6. Prisma

Prisma iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

Should you wish to give your photos unique artistic design, Prisma would be a fantastic option. What this photo editor does is quickly turn your pics into highly appreciable art.

Thanks to over 300 filters, the app allows you to choose the look that fits nicely on your pic. And you will also adjust the filters as per your liking.

The app keeps on releasing new filters frequently so that your collection never runs out of cool options. Plus, you will also get a chance to interact with the large community to share the ideas.

Price: Free

#7. Enlight Pixaloop

Enlight Pixaloop iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App ScreenshotFor those looking for a photo editing app that can bolster creativity, Enlight Pixaloop would be the right way to go. Probably the best part about it is the ability to create attractive animated photos. Using a few simple taps and swipes, you can animate your favorite pics and make them look pleasing to the eyes.

Another feature worth mentioning is the water animation that gives a unique look to images. And if you want to take the game even further, you can get rid of dull skies and fill them up with vibrant sunsets and fully animated clouds. With many beautifully designed skies at the disposal, you have got plenty of tools to design the background to your heart’s liking.

On the instant effects front, I think Lightricks’ offering looks up to the mark with a solid library of video effects. Plus, it has also got a good range of overlays to give the desired movement to your photos. Do note that Enlight Pixaloop’s freemium variant won’t let you access all the goodies. So, you will need to go for in-app purchases to unlock premium features.

Price: Free, In-app purchases

#8. Photo Lab

Photo Lab Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

Photo Lab is unique in its own right. Loaded with over 600 instant effects, it is what you need to make your images look spectacular. Using photo montages with automatic face detection, you will be able to become a lion, gangster or a scientist with just a tap.

With the photorealistic effects, you can put your favorite pic on the screen of a virtual iPhone, on the cover of an ancient book or place it even on a dollar bill. There are several impressive photo filters such as neon, puzzle, fire to make your pic look vivid.

You will collect multiple memorable photos to make a gorgeous collage that can let you beautifully relive the moments. And don’t forget to craft some nice-looking greeting cards to wish your friends!

Price: Free

#9. VSCO

VSCO iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

“VSCO” is fun to use and must have for the folks who love editing pics and sharing them. The app comes with over 170 high-quality presets that allow you to get your work done perfectly without spending much time.

I like the option to recreate vintage film looks as they add a unique dimension to your stuff. But this app is more than just photo editing.

You can share your beautiful pics with the community and get to know what the like-minded people think about them. Besides, if your images turn out to be out of the box, it may also be curated by VSCO. Beyond that, you will get some super handy tips, tricks, and tutorials to improve your skill.

Keep in mind, the free version of the app is basic; therefore, you will have to spend $19.99/yearly to unlock all the features.

Price: Free

#10. Edit Lab

Edit Lab Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

Edit Lab is a fully-featured photo editor that can let you design your images like a pro. One of the biggest highlights of this app the option to allow you the make multiple exposure images by overlaying the pics with 12 blend modes.

The app boasts a ton of special effects that ensure you can experiment with the looks and come up with a unique concept. Choose from over 260 shapes and make the most of hundreds of stickers to add some fun elements to your photos.

You will add dd, edit or remove geo-location from your images. Besides, there are nine types of blur styles to let you highlight the subject and take the focus away from the unwanted background.

Price: Free

#11. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

Many a time we aren’t able to take a perfect selfie or good-looking shot despite trying out level best. Thus we end up with the less charming images with plenty of unwanted things. Keep TouchRetouch to let you deal with such photos with the needed control.

You can use this app to remove several things from your photos with ease. For instance, you will be able to get rid of surface breaks, scratches, pimple, dark spots and more.

Beyond eliminating the unnecessary things, you can use creative tools like pen, pencil or charcoal sketch, pastel or crayons drawing, watercolor or oil painting to give an artistic look to your pics. Furthermore, the app also lets you craft awesome collages and greeting cards.

Price: $1.99

#12. Split Pic

Split Pic Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

“Split Pic” is pure fun and made specifically for those who have a massive penchant for the images that arrest eyeballs on social networking sites. It provides you with the option to blend multiple photos to look like one photo. You can select from some layouts and adjust images to your heart’s liking.

You have 14 custom filters to make your pic look out of the box within seconds. It allows you to filter each section of a photo separately. Save your masterpiece to the Camera Roll and unleash it on social sites to win a lot of likes.

Price: Free

#13. Snapseed

Snapseed iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

Thanks to a wide range of superior editing tools and the ability to make photo editing a pretty simple task, “Snapseed” has found the first slot in our roundup.

You can use this app to adjust exposure and color automatically or use the precise control to fine-tune them manually. Take advantage of selective filter brush to beautify your images with more precision. There is also an option to remove the unwanted person from the group photo.

You can add the impressive bokeh effect to your images to highlight the main subject. Wish to make your pic more fashionable? Check out the tool that can add a glamorous touch to your look. Plus, you will be able to experiment with the tools that can make your photo look retro and modern.

Moreover, Snapseed allows you to add both stylised and plain text to the pic. So, depending on what suits your taste better, you will choose the preferred option to give a nice look to the text.

Price: Free

#14. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 iPhone and iPad Photo Editor App Screenshot

“Afterlight 2” claims to be an all-in-one photo editor for iOS. And to a great extent, I do agree with its tall claim.

With the tools like curves, selective hue/saturation, and clarify, you get the needed control to make your images appear more appealing. Use the prism effects, dusty film overlays, and film light leaks to give a charming appearance to your shots.

You can blend your photos together to give them a unique look. There is a huge collection of top-quality filters that ensure you can get the most out of your pics with little effects. Moreover, you will also customize the filters to suit your needs better.

Price: $2.99

#15. Font Candy

Font Candy Better Photo Editor iPhone App Screenshot

If you want to have an app to overlay eye-catching text on your photos, “Font Candy” can be a top pick. With over 45 artistic fonts, you will be able to create an impressive custom design.

Thanks to the advanced text editing functionalities like text curving, opacity controls, and shadow, it allows you to beautify the writing with ease. The built-in custom artwork and quotes bring additional charm to your pics.

And oh, you will also choose different colors and filters to apply to the background image. Check out the fun animations that can liven up your text.

Price: Free

#16. piZap

piZap Photo Editing iPhone App Screenshot

Whether you wish to make an appealing collage or beautify your photo or videos, piZap can live up to your billing with aplomb. There are a plethora of vivid filters to let you make your images look fascinating.

Choose from over 1400 collage layouts bring several memories in one frame. Use lively backgrounds, borders, and frames to adorn your pics.

You have more than 4530 fun-loving stickers to bring more magic to the images. That’s not all; there are over 350 fonts and text effects to inject more life into your photos.

Price: Free

That’s pretty much it! So, these are our top photo editors for iOS.

What’s your favorite?

All of the above apps are great but each one has its own USP. Therefore, you should pick them based on your specific demand. For instance, if you want to go for a nice collage maker, Photo Lab would be a fine option. But if you wish to choose a pro editing tool, Snapseed would be hard to beat.

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