There may be quite a lot of Touch ID based Cydia tweaks like BioProtect and BioLockdown which let you protect your favourite apps with Touch ID. However, there won’t be too many tweaks that allow you to protect specific aspects of an app. No need to block the entire app when you have the option to protect the endangered ones!

Photego Cydia Tweak

Photego is a cool Cydia tweak for iOS 8. It helps you protect specific actions of stock Photos app on your iPhone or iPad. Instead of blocking the entire app, you can pick and choose certain aspects which you want to keep secured. The tweak has been cleverly designed to be a multipurpose tool for your iPhone.

Option to Secure Settings Panel

The Cydia tweak gives you option to secure the settings panel so that no can change the settings.

Touch ID Confirmation

If you don’t want anyone to share videos or photos without your permission, you can set Touch ID confirmation. Whenever anyone will secretly try to share your personal photos, they will have to confirm their Touch ID.

Protect Deleted Photos

The jailbreak tweak allows you to protect the already deleted photos from being removed permanently.

Protect Photos/ Videos

You can protect photos/videos with Touch ID. There are some personal photos/videos which everyone wants to keep close to them. In this regard, the tweak can be very useful.

Restrict Photos Access through Camera

The tweak lets you restrict photos access through Camera. Even if you have given your iPhone to someone to capture some live photos, he can’t have the access to your Photos app if it is restricted.

Protect Album Access

As soon as someone has your phone, your photos are probably the first thing to be exposed. But the Cydia tweak can help solve this perplexity.

Options to Choose Specific Actions

Photego provides you options to choose the certain actions which you want to be protected with Touch ID. They are optional and hence give you the ultimate decision to choose what you want.

The Cydia tweak comes with a commercial value of $0.99 and is available from BigBoss repo.