Phorce Freedom: A Minimalistic “Smart Tech Bag”

Technologically our world has come very far. Technology has found its place in every aspect of our lives. Today there are diverse electronic devices for our multiple needs. We have multiple versions of the same product, a bigger version for household purpose and a smaller version when we are on the move. All the devices like iPod, Smartphones, tablets, phablets, etc. have been designed and integrated with technology in such ways that they can be used wherever you go. One similarity between all the gadgets mentioned above is their portability factor. They all are compact and have varied functional features.

Phorce Freedom Smart Tech Bag

When you expect every device to be “smart” these days, why can’t a bag, which you use for your day to day personal and professional activities, be a smart one? Phorce, the Dutch company, has come out with an answer to it. Phorce has launched its second-generation interactive smart bag named Freedom. It enables you to streamline your gear to the best minimalistic way possible.


Phorce Freedom Portable Tech Bag

The makers of Freedom had already released a bag, Pro, primarily crafted for business travel. But unlike Pro, the second generation Freedom is designed for use on a daily basis. It is a lightweight, slim bag that can change shapes and charge your devices while you are on the move. Phorce Freedom weighs 25% lesser than the Pro but offers the same performance and premium value. A single charge can keep your mobile’s power up for a full week.

Design and Features

Phorce Freedom Tech Bag

Freedom doesn’t just have envy-arising good looks and a remarkably flexible shape-shifting design it also has the incredible brawn to match its aesthetics. It contains a 15,000 mAH rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s built-in and completely safe for your flight. This power core can charge a smartphone for about seven days. Additionally, it can power two devices at the same time with two LED backlit USB reversible ports thus erasing the worries about drained out batteries from your mind. This battery is made with complete protection and necessary safety features that shield the devices from overcharging, giving your devices just the right voltage. Freedom itself can be recharged from even a USB power source and doesn’t need a wall socket charger.

The Unique Aspects

Phorce Freedom Tech Travel Bag

Designed in a radically unique manner, Freedom can alter its shape at will transforming from a messenger bag to a briefcase and even into a backpack making it possible for you to use it for any activity. Freedom features internal pockets lined with “display-cleaning” microfiber that makes sure your devices stay safe and in immaculate condition. Apart from this, Freedom adds another protective layer by using coated natural canvas material with dark gun-metal hardware complemented by water-resistant fabric, waterproof zippers and adequate soft padding for electronics. It also provides you with pockets that can hold laptops (up to 13-inches), files and documents.

Considering its meager 3.5 pounds weight and about 3 inches of thickness, the Freedom continues to surprise with its countless goodies. To top it all, it costs only 199 Euros, which makes it a no-brainer choice.

Price: 199 (Worldwide free shipping.)
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