Voicemail-to-Text isn’t a new concept but the implementation has almost always been buggy and full of faults. Google’s own service which converts voicemail to email hasn’t taken off as well as Google would’ve expected to.

There aren’t as many voicemail-to-text apps as there are voicemail apps. And the ones that exist don’t do a great job.

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A Simple Service
PhoneTag, from what we’ve heard from users of the services, appears to have struck a chord in users who need such a service. It’s a straight-forward voicemail-to-text service which works with a lot of carriers and service providers. And for users who are looking for a viable solution to save time on transcribing voicemail, you must definitely try PhoneTag.

PhoneTag works in a simple way: you receive a voicemail, it goes to PhoneTag where it’s deciphered and you get a message with the transcript.

Phonetag Voicemail App

For the corporate crowd, this is a terrific service because reading a message can be faster and it saves a lot of time when compared to listening to a voicemail. In fact, PhoneTag’s website posts a stat of over 4.5 million hours saved through their service.

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Perhaps, the best thing about PhoneTag is that it can easily be bundled with a lot of service providers. In the U.S, PhoneTag covers almost 95% of the phones. All the major carriers like AT&T, Spring, Verizon (for iPhone users), T-Mobile, M5, Alltel etc. are covered. This means you can mostly subscribe for their services.

PhoneTag plays equally good for both large corporations and for individual users. The company behind PhoneTag, Ditech Networks, is a pioneer in voice-based services so it’s an indication of their capabilities in handling voicemails and transcribing them with a high level of fidelity.

PhoneTag has a simple and direct pricing strategy. It doesn’t confuse you with a lot of tangential options.

  1. Pay As You Go: $0.35/message
  2. 40 Messages: $9.95/month
  3. $29.95/month for unlimited messages.
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