For Windows users, a file management system is a better way of working than the closed iOS system (which kind of gets replicated on the Mac’s OS X too). If you’re like me, you obviously hate iTunes because that’s the only way to add anything to the iPhone.

Update: iPhone Stick has been updated with a new name and some cool features. Check out all about iStick here.

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That’s one of the pains in the back especially if you know that on an Android phone, you can add anything as easily as copy-paste into folders.

Can you do that on the iPhone? Oh yes, with PhoneStick you can. We recently got a chance to test PhoneStick from Softorino and frankly, it’s one heck of a software. I guess I’m not turning to iTunes anymore because PhoneStick knows how to take care of things.

PhoneStick Review

But why PhoneStick, in the first place?

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1. To begin with, if you want a folder-manager way of doing things (copy files from your folder, paste it into iPhone’s folder), you’ve got to try PhoneStick.
2. If you hate iTunes’ sync (it’s slow, it’s redundant and it’s pathetic for a Windows user), PhoneStick is here for you.
3. If you’ve tried other iPhone file managers and know that nothing works for getting media content on the iPhone correctly.

Best iPhone File Manager for Windows

PhoneStick is Versatile

Enormously versatile. For instance, PhoneStick doesn’t just let you access the iPhone filesystem as a file manager but it actually mounts the iPhone in multi-part drives. It’s like your iPhone shows up as four different drives. Each drive targets one specific aspect.

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One of the mounted drives has folders labeled, Music, Videos, Music-videos, etc. You just copy-paste your songs/tracks into the folder and it gets automatically cross-synced to the Music app on your iPhone! All you need to do is just copy-paste.

So instead of having to go to iTunes to manage everything (which Apple asserts is a simpler way), you can take care of things your way through files and folders (which is actually simpler for people used to file/folder way of doing things).

PhoneStick also lets you access to iOS’s filesystem so if you’re the nerdy guy that plays around with system files, here’s one for you. And PhoneStick is also for the normal Windows user who’s happy to see that the iPhone can also work like an Android phone when it comes to copying files and pasting them around. Just the way you’ve always wished it would be.

So while Apple still keeps the iOS closed for all their user-experience reasons, here’s PhoneStick that just comes along and blasts every door there is.

I actually like PhoneStick quite a lot. It’s the essential Windows app for the Windows user who owns an iPhone.

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PhoneStick is a free download but you’ll need a license ($19.95) to get the full-version. Check out the software here.