International calls on your mobile carrier unless you're on some sort of an international plan, is going to cost you an arm and a leg. From where I am, we don't even think of making international calls via the carrier. We switch to VoIP – most likely Skype and even that is pretty limited because we've got things like Viber now.

But what you if wanted to call a friend on her landline or mobile number but still make it as cheap as possible?

Yes, there are a lot of services out there that let you make VoIP calls for as low as a few cents a minute. The idea has been similar to what Skype has been doing but while most services have limited themselves to desktop software, a handful has made the switch to mobile. And I think none of them make the cut. It's not a pleasant experience.

Phoneplus iPhone App Review

I don't want to toot the horns for Phoneplus but I think it can be a really powerful solution in this regard. Here are the tipping points:

  • It's a mobile-focused app. That means a completely dedicated iPhone app (they've got Android version too)
  • The app was designed to act just like your Phone app: only, you'll use this when you're making International calls
  • It's not a IM+VoIP app. It's purely a Phone app.

And most importantly, the rates that Phoneplus offers look quite groundbreaking. In our comparison with other prominent players, the rates seemed as much as 50% less.

Not to forget, most VoIP have various plans that I actually detest going through because that kind of confuses. Pay per second or whatever unit of time suits me best. And Phoneplus does that perfectly.

If you're making a ton of international calls every month, you might want to take a closer look at plans from Skype and of course along with that comes the problem of Skype running on iPhone. It's good but it's not as strong as one would expect it to be.

Phoneplus, on the other hand, is totally focused on the mobile experience so it's easier making calls on Phoneplus. And since the call rates are so low, you might enjoy it.

There are other pluses to Phoneplus. Bonuses include a free 50 cent credit you can use to test before purchasing the other cards. And you can also enjoy 50% slashes on the cheaper call rates when you invite friends (1 day validity) and when they register too (8 days validity).

Download Phoneplus

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  • Amy Kok

    I think Rebtel is another option on mobile app voip besides Skype. Though I still prefer skype because of their vast user based, it does boost my confidence with them.