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Ever since the first couple of updates in iOS 8, many users have been complaining about the missing personal hotspot. There's no one concrete solution yet but a few fixes seem to have worked for a lot of people. If you use an iPhone/iPad running iOS 8.x and the personal hotspot switch is missing in Cellular settings, here are some things you can try.

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Now, obviously, the first things you should note is that Personal Hotspot is a carrier-dependent feature. If your plan doesn't include Personal Hotspot, the missing Personal Hotspot is not a problem. It's the feature. But if your plan does include personal hotspot, and you don't see it in Settings/Cellular, this solution might fix it.

How to Fix Personal Hotspot Missing in iOS 8

Fix Personal Hotspot Missing in iOS 8:

Step #1. Open Settings.

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Step #2. Tap on Cellular.

Step #3. Now tap on Cellular Data

Step #4. Scroll down to the Personal Hotspot section.

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Step #5. In the APN field, enter the same APN that's listed under Cellular Data (in some variations, you can skip the APN and just enter some name in the username field below it)

Fix Personal Hotspot Missing in iOS 8

Step #6. Go back to Settings and you should now see Personal Hotspot. (alternatively, quit the Settings app and then reboot your iPhone/iPad. Then check the Settings)

Sometimes, this might not work. In that case, there are three things that I usually resort to:

  • A hard reset (hold the power and home button till screen goes blank; then press the power button to start the iPhone)
  • Reset network settings / reset all settings (SettingsGeneralReset)
  • Restore (via iTunes)

Also important to note is that personal hotspot shows up only when Cellular data is switched on. In some cases, you might have to try switching on/off 3G/LTE in order to enable Personal Hotspot.

Personal Hotspot going berserk/missing is not new. This has happened in iOS 7 too and you might want to try out solutions from this post here which was written during iOS 7's time.

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  • Janelle

    So…I’m missing the Personal Hotspot section under Cellular. Cellular Data is just an on off switch for me…nothing to tap, just switch. Any suggestions?

    • Roseanne

      Mine is the same way. I don’t see it anywhere!

    • Shubham

      Me too having same prblm nd else i cant see cellular its showing mobile

  • Pradeep john

    Yea it’s working well by add both side same password. Good. Thanks.

  • Mariusz Lasota

    ipad is piece of crap. i’ve just had enough of this useless junk and i am geetting myself microsoft surface

  • Logan

    Thnx a lot it really works

  • ptodorov

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Muhamed

    Thanx alot
    It works :)

  • Adil

    Even my APN settings area for Personal Hotspot is missing!!
    It’s really frustrating :(

  • Jawid

    Thanks it work with my phone now i have personnal hotspot

  • Sherzada

    personal hotspot ios 8 missing

  • AllTheTeaInChina

    Thanks. It was the missing APN username on mine. I just entered someones name in the blank and Personal Hotspot is back in settings. Nearest Apple store about a 6 hr Flight away ya Geeks Saved my day!

    • sam

      thanks sooo much it works

      • Vargunan

        It’s working thanks