Pencil: FiftyThree’s New Stylus Sets the Tech World on Fire

Even though the iPad is designed to work beautifully without a stylus, Pencil will mostly throw away all assumptions about not wanting a stylus. Especially if you are an artist who loves creating on the iPad.

“Pencil” comes from the same folks who produced Paper – the creativity app for artists. The company, FiftyThree, has shown a very keen taste in design, aesthetics and usability. Paper went on to win several awards and was the Editor’s Choice.

Pencil, the stylus, is specifically designed for use with Paper. The stylus has every hallmark of the company’s design sense. This time, though, their taste for design takes a hardware interpretation. It’s a stylus like no other.

Pencil comes with a unique design that blends a pencil and a thick ruler. Clubbed with Paper, Pencil can help artists do wonders. Probably the best thing about Pencil is the lack of any additional process in setting up the device. A Bluetooth Smart wireless is said to deliver fast but power-conscious connectivity. But all you do is touch the tip of the Pencil to the screen. That’s it. It’s called “Kiss to Pair.”

Pencil Stylus for iPad from FiftyThree

FiftyThree’s Pencil has an eraser at the back. The tech is so smart that you don’t have to switch brushes to erase things on Paper. Instead, you just use the eraser. Something about it reminds you of all the countless design and usability principles that Apple (or Steve Jobs) always quoted.

Pencil is a gadget specifically designed for artists but of course, everyone can use it. With Paper actually recognizing what’s touching the screen – Pencil or your palm – you can actually create just like you do on a blank paper. The closeness to the analog world is great and should be quite helpful for artists sketching on the iPad.

Pencil’s built-battery charges through any USB port in under 90 minutes. And it lasts for about a month under normal usage.

While Pencil works great on FiftyThree’s Paper app but it also works good with any other app. It’s that kind of a design.

Pencil comes in two makes: Graphite and Walnut. The Graphite sells for $49.95 while Walnut costs $59.95.

Check out Pencil here.