It seems Apple’s legal team is having a hard time traveling to courtrooms every now and then. Either they are accusing or acting as a defendant, but they are certainly busy with legal actions. Recently, Apple won a lawsuit against Samsung which wasn’t the first lawsuit that favored Apple against Samsung.

This time, it is Apple’s turn to act as a defendant. As Dot 23, a Texas-based company has filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing their patents. The patents are about Apple’s Siri voice recognition technology.

Patent Lawsuit Filed Against Apple's Siri Voice Recognition Technology

Patent Lawsuit Filed Against Apple’s Siri Technology

The patent number ‘802 and ‘029 describes a program or a code that is capable of executing, recognizing and processing alphanumeric voice commands. To make it simple, you can ask Siri – “Call 1234567890” and Siri will dial the number.

Another patent ‘903 from Dot 23 covers that a technology which delivers geographical data on demand. This is nothing but asking Siri for a specific place or a location. The patent does not cover the hardware part of this technology; it just relies on the cell tower data.

In the case of Siri, it does not wholly rely on tower data as it also uses built-in GPS navigation system.

An interesting part of the lawsuit is that it covers iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 as products enabling infringement.

Dot 23 has demanded fees along with interest from Apple. Though the case has not been assigned a judge yet, but even then, if this suit results in favor of Dot 23 then Apple will have to shell out heavy amounts as part of fees and interest.

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  • Robert Williamson

    What does this mean: “It seems Apple’s legal team is having a hard time traveling to courtrooms every now and then.”?