PaperPlane by ITIGIC: iPad-like Launcher for Windows Desktop

PaperPlane Smart Launch from ITIGIC brings the iPad like launcher on a Windows PC. The launcher is free, so download it right now and experience the cool looks of iPad.

iPad Pro is always your dream device, but with the pricey tag, you are just a dreamer and not an achiever. But this dream can now be fulfilled with ITIGIC, which has come up with PaperPlane Smart Launch.

This smart launch works on your Windows desktop to turn it into a beautiful iPad-like screen. This tool is 100% free. With this free launcher program, you can easily access your most used apps, games, files, websites, and more. All you need is Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/XP.

ITIGIC’s PaperPlane: iPad-like Launcher for Windows Desktop

Once you download and run this launcher successfully, you just double-click on your original desktop. This will bring up the new desktop with all the apps sequenced by frequency of use. This will save your time by allowing you to quickly access apps and programs you use frequently or the most.

After you bring the PaperPlane launcher, right click on the blank space (not on any icon); a menu will appear with seven options. This is where you can customize the app. First off, if you have developed some feelings towards this launcher, you can set Desktop Mode by right-click.

You can add new file, folder, game or weblink to the desktop; moreover, you can also customize size of icons, distance between the two icons and number of icons per row. Also set number of icons per row and number of rows on the new desktop. Right click on the PaperPlane desktop and go to Settings; you will see number of tabs like General, Layout, Activation, Appearance, and others.

Appearance tab will certainly catch your attention as this allows you to change the background on desktop. Click on “Custom Background Picture” checkbox and select your favourite picture from the folder. But make sure that you have unchecked “Enable Background Blur’ option, which is right above “Custom Background Picture”.

Layout is another cool feature of PaperPlane; this feature allows you to play with icon size and number of icons you want to set on the desktop. You can set icons size to large, medium, small and customize; also set icon number per row, row number per page and distance between each row.

Among other features, PaperPlane boasts search bar to quickly find apps, files, URLs etc., drag-and-drop, right-click menu to add shortcuts, automatic back and restore. Now enjoy a completely new desktop that gives an impression of an iPad.

Price: Free

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